3 Best ways to convert PNG to PDF?


PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is a raster file format that is primarily used for high-quality images with transparent or semi-transparent graphics. The downside of this file is that PNG images are more extensive and can be difficult to send via email or online. However, the PDF is a versatile file format that is specifically designed by Adobe to edit and share files on various platforms. Generally, scanned documents come in PNG image format which is required to transform into an Adobe PDF file format before editing, sending them to anyone, or uploading them on any other program or device.

That’s the obvious reason, people usually need to turn a PNG into a PDF in order to share the file with others. Png to PDF converter by theonlineconverter.com is the best option to save PNG files as PDF documents without losing quality. Once the PNG file is converted to PDF, it makes sure that the receiver will allow reading the file easily.


Whether you are wondering how to convert PNG to PDF, this web-based software is extremely useful that gives you an online Png to PDF converter. It allows you to convert PNG to PDF format in less than a minute. You need to upload the image file and change from the PNG to PDF format without no compromising the image quality. This software is fully supported with encrypted via HTTPS to safeguard your file. Therefore, you are able to delete your files from the system anytime. This software provides online service and is available via any operating device connected to the internet. You can make conversions anywhere and anytime else.

How to turn Png into PDF online with DocFly.com?

Step #1:

At first, drag your image onto the PNG to PDF Converter dropzone area. Also, you can click upload to select a PNG file from your computer.

Step #2:

Once the uploaded process is complete, it takes less than a minute to process with the conversion.

Step #3:

Click on the “download” button and save your files within no minute.


As the name of this online Png to PDF converter indicates, it is the best website with a user-friendly interface that helps you to export Png as PDF online in a minute. You do not have to enter the Email-address and press a button to make the conversions. Just upload the PNG image and the tool will automatically convert it to a PDF file without distorting the image quality. Once your image is converted, simply click on the download button. This provides some unique features including no limit in file size, no registration, and no watermark. Moreover, you can also rotate, optimizes, and scale down images while keeping the original resolution.

How to save PNG as PDF online with PNG2PDF.com?

Step #1:

Click on the “upload files” button and select the file. You can choose up to 20 images you want to convert. Also, drag files to the drop area to start uploading.

Step #2:

Wait for a second until the upload and conversion procedures are finished.

Step #3:

Click on the “single button” to download PDF files separately for each image, or click on the “combined button” to get combined files in a single PDF document.


This web-based program is one of the best sources to turn Png into PDF files within no time. This Png to PDF converter will allow you to convert PNG (images) to PDF files without losing image quality. Just drop the PNG file into the converter, and let it do the conversions swiftly. You can change PNG photos to PDF without any stress about the security of your file since files are deleted from the server once the conversion has been done. This web-based program is fully fledged and 100% free to use. It supports all the operating devices that have a modern web browser.

How to convert PNG to PDF Online with theonlineconverter.com?

Step #1:

Drag and drop or upload your PNG image that you need to convert into PDF. You can also convert multiple PNGs into PDFs with this tool

Step #2:

Press the “Convert” button and wait for a second to get a new converted PDF

Step #3:

Finally, click on the “Download” button and save your PNG picture to PDF quickly.



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