Lamar Jackson

Adam Schefter Pranks ‘Pardon My Take’ Podcasters with Fake Lamar Jackson Trade

NFL insider Adam Schefter has pulled off a hilarious prank on the hosts of the popular sports podcast “Pardon My Take.” Schefter appeared on the podcast and shared fake texts that suggested a trade involving Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was in the works.

The prank began when Schefter sent a fake text message to one of the podcast hosts, claiming to have insider information about a potential trade. The hosts, who were skeptical at first, soon became excited about the possibility of breaking the news of a major trade on their podcast.

Schefter then proceeded to share fake text messages between himself and an anonymous source, which suggested that Jackson was on the verge of being traded to an unknown team. The hosts of “Pardon My Take” were thrilled by the news and began speculating about which team could be interested in Jackson.

However, Schefter eventually revealed that the whole thing was a prank, much to the amusement of the podcast hosts and their listeners. Schefter later tweeted about the prank, saying that he had “always wanted to be a part of the show” and that he had “a great time” pulling off the prank.

The prank has been met with laughter and praise from fans of both Schefter and “Pardon My Take,” with many applauding Schefter’s sense of humor and willingness to participate in a lighthearted prank. Overall, the prank serves as a reminder that even in the serious world of sports reporting, there is still room for fun and laughter.

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