eTA New Zealand for French Citizens

French nationals need to apply for the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA).

Tourists, business travellers and transit passengers with an NZeTA can visit New Zealand for up to 3 months.

The NZeTA is an entry requirement for French nationals and other visa-exempt foreign nationals. Visitors and transit passengers with an NZeTA can travel to New Zealand without a visa.

Travellers who meet the NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR FRENCH CITIZENS can apply online in minutes.

Do French citizens need a visa for New Zealand?

French passport holders can travel to New Zealand without a visa for up to 3 months. Visa-free stays are permitted for tourism, transit and business.

To travel from France to New Zealand without a visa, passengers must apply for the NZeTA. This visa waiver is essential for visa-exempt foreign visitors.

French citizens need a visa for New Zealand if they do not meet the NZeTA conditions. A visa is also required to travel from France to New Zealand for longer than 3 months, for purposes other than tourism, business, or transit.

Working holiday visas, student visas, and visitor visas are some of the New Zealand visas for French citizens who cannot travel with an NZeTA.

What is the NZeTA from France?

The NZeTA is an electronic travel authorisation, also known as a visa waiver. It is a short-term travel permit for visitors from France and other eligible countries.

Travelling from France to New Zealand is easier with an NZeTA—the application process is fast, simple, and 100% online.

French nationals with an approved New Zealand eTA do not need to get a visa for their trip.

Here’s what travellers can do in New Zealand with an eTA

With an approved NZeTA, French passport holders can:

  1. Visit New Zealand on holiday for up to 3 months
  2. Visit New Zealand for business, for up to 3 months
  3. Travel to New Zealand as a cruise ship passenger
  4. Pass through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger

The NZeTA is a multiple-entry permit. Travellers do not need to get a new visa waiver for each trip to New Zealand for the purposes listed above.

NZeTAs are valid for up to 2 years, or until the French passport expires, whichever is sooner.

How does the NZeTA from France work?

The New Zealand eTA works by carrying out security screening on visa-exempt visitors. The visa waiver makes NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZENS an even safer destination for travellers from France and the rest of the world.

Thanks to the eTA, all foreign visitors undergo health and safety checks before travelling to New Zealand, not just those that require a visa.

Each application is cross-checked against security databases to help identify potential risks before they reach New Zealand.

NZeTA application steps from France

To get an eTA for New Zealand, French applicants should follow these simple steps:

  • Review the New Zealand eTA requirements from France

To be eligible for a visa waiver, travellers must be in good health and of good character. More information below.

  • Complete the online application for the NZeTA

It takes just a few minutes to complete the eTA application form online.

  • Pay the NZeTA fee for French citizens

Applicants pay the NZeTA processing fee and International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) securely online by debit or credit card.

Most applications from France are approved in 1 to 2 business days. Travellers should allow extra time in case of any unexpected processing delays.

Travellers who need their eTA urgently can use the Priority Service for guaranteed 2-hour processing.

NZeTA for French Citizens

Documents to apply for an NZeTA for French citizens

French nationals need just 3 items to get started with their NZeTA application.

  • French passport
  • Passport-style photo
  • Debit or credit card

All documents are uploaded digitally during the online application. Travellers do not need to present paperwork in person at the New Zealand embassy in Paris.

French passport requirements to apply for a New Zealand eTA

The French passport used to apply for an NZeTA must be valid for at least 3 months after the traveller will exit New Zealand.

The electronic travel authorisation is linked to the passport used to apply. This means that a new NZeTA application must be submitted if the French passport expires, even if it is within the 2-year eTA validity period. It is not possible to transfer an eTA to another passport.

NZeTA application questions for French nationals

The NZeTA application form for French travellers is 100% online. Applicants submit all the required information electronically, without trips to the embassy.

There are 4 sections to the NZeTA application. Here is the information required at each stage.

1. Personal details

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality

2. Passport information

  • Issuing country
  • Issue date
  • Expiry date
  • Purpose of visit (tourism, business, transit)

3. Contact details

  • Email address
  • Phone number

4. Eligibility questions

  • Health declaration
  • Safety and security information

Before submitting the form, applicants must declare that all the information they have provided is accurate.

New Zealand entry documents for French citizens

Passengers must make sure they have everything they need to travel from France to New Zealand.

Required documents include:

  • Valid French passport
  • NZeTA or visa
  • Onward or return flight ticket
  • Proof of financial means

Visitors should also check the latest requirements and entry restrictions for New Zealand before arranging travel.

Note that an approved visa or NZeTA does not guarantee entry. New Zealand immigration officials will verify the documents and have the right to grant or refuse entry.

Travel from France to New Zealand with an NZeTA

French NZeTA holders can enter New Zealand through the country’s international airports.

There are several non-direct flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in France to New Zealand airports, including:

  • Auckland International Airport (AKL)
  • Christchurch International Airport (CHC)
  • Queenstown Airport (ZQN)
  • Wellington International Airport (WLG)

French passengers in transit can pass through Auckland International Airport with an NZeTA.

Visiting New Zealand from France on a cruise ship

The NZeTA is also valid to travel to New Zealand on a cruise ship. The main cruise ports in New Zealand are Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, and Akaroa.

French citizens flying to New Zealand to join a cruise also need the NZeTA.

Moving to New Zealand from France

For French citizens who wish to make a long-term relocation to New Zealand, there are several visa options including:

  • Skilled migrant visa
  • Partner of a New Zealand resident visa
  • Long term skill shortage visa
  • Entrepreneur work visa

Each type of NZ visa has a separate set of application requirements. Applications should be made through the embassy of New Zealand in France, and supporting documents are required.


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