Here's a free link to download videos on YouTube that can convert to MP3

Here’s a free link to download videos on YouTube that can convert to MP3

Savefromnet is a converter platform from video to MP3 and songs can then be saved to the HP gallery.

Even though it’s easy and fast, using Savefromnet and the like to download MP3 songs is illegal.

Reported by from the beritadiy page, you can be sued if you use an MP3 song without including the copyright or asking the owner for permission first.

However, as long as it’s only for personal storage without any commercial gain, you can use a download platform like Savefromnet.

Currently, a number of legal music playing platforms such as Joox, Spotify and YouTube Music feature downloads of MP3 songs .

However, MP3 songs or video songs will not be stored directly in the HP gallery, but in the application’s cloud storage.

That way, without the internet or online, you can still play MP3 songs that have been downloaded before.

So, how do you save MP3 songs or YouTube videos in the HP gallery?

1. Open the free Joox or YouTube Music app or web link.

2. Then, log in with your email or Google account.

3. Usually, Joox and YouTube Music will give you a trial period to listen to and download MP3 songs without ads for 3 months.

4. Click ‘Approve’.

5. Then, find the MP3 song or YouTube video that you want to download.

6. After finding it, download it and it will be stored in the application’s cloud storage.

7. Then play the song, and for Android phones use the HP video and sound screen recorder application. For iPhone, you can first download the screen recorder app.

8. Record an MP3 song until it runs out and name it according to the song title and singer. The MP3 song will be saved automatically in the HP gallery.

However, this method is for those of you who use MP3 songs personally and not for commercial purposes. Not for economic reasons.

That’s how to free download YouTube MP3 videos to the cellphone gallery using the free link along with the internet package capital, easy and fast without ads.


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