How do electric cigar humidors work?

How do electric cigar humidors work?

For a hot minute, let’s speak about good cigars, especially appropriate cigar storage, depending on having a superb humidor. Cigars require carefully regulated temperature and moisture levels to stay fresh for long-term preservation, and you won’t be able to do it without a humidor. A cigar’s quality will deteriorate in less than two weeks if not correctly stored. ‘

Cigars, on the other hand, may improve with age if stored properly. After six months of cautious preservation, a smaller, lighter cigar may be at its peak taste profile, while a more extensive, darker, and more robust cigar might be at its finest after two or three years.

Five Humidors to Consider

Case Elegance Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor

Except for the walk-in room at a quality tobacconist, this is probably what you’re picturing when you think of a humidor, and for most casual cigar fans, this is all you need. Unless you only smoke Double Coronas.

 This electric cigar humidor will hold around two dozen cigars and keep them fresh due to the cedarwood lining, a built-in humidifier, and the supplied humidification gel. The lid locks tightly owing to built-in magnets, and the container is small enough for convenient storage and attractive enough to display.

Kendal Glass Top Desktop Cigar Humidor

When you’re ready to step up your cigar storage game, this 60-cigar humidor (depending on the size of the smokes) is a great option. Divided & internal storage compartments and a detachable tray let you keep things organized while exposing you to cedar wood, which helps infuse the scent and remove excess moisture. 

The hygrometer on the front of the case eliminates the need to open it to monitor the humidity level, and the glass top allows you to make your pick (or show off your collection) without cracking the lid. Until it’s time to smoke, that is.

What exactly is a humidor?

A humidor is a storage container meant to assist preserve a relative humidity level, which is essential for cigars since the tobacco leaves expand and contract naturally according to the air’s relative humidity. When a cigar becomes too dry, it withers away and loses its scent and flavor, both of which are essential aspects of smoking cigars.

How does Humidor work?

Humidors function by providing perfect conditions for cigars. If there is too much moisture, they will mold. They crack when they become too dry. Perfect, and good times.

Here’s what you should know.


The humidification system, which may be simple or sophisticated depending on the humidifier’s size, is the most significant component of a humidor. The humidifier aims to supply moisture to a humidor, so the cigars stay plump and burn slowly, with oils that retain the flavor and aroma of your favorite cigars. 

A humidor should always be set to 70 percent relative humidity for ideal storage conditions. To do this, the humidor requires a supply of water. There are numerous methods for introducing moisture into the inside, including sponges, the most basic humidifier.


Another essential component of a humidor is a hygrometer. It analyses the humidity inside to determine if you need to add or absorb excess water to dry things out. A hygrometer can be digital or analog, looking like a needle spins in a marked circle or semicircle. ‘

It will be linked to the humidifier in a humidor having electronic humidity controls. It’s vital to check the hygrometer regularly — once a week or two — to ensure everything is OK in your humidor.


Cigars must also be stored consistently to stay in good shape. However, you may keep your new cigars as chilly as 60 or as warm as 72 degrees, the usual room temperature range. 

An essential thermometer will offer vital input regarding the conditions within humidors that do not have temperature controls. 

If the humidor has a heater and cooler that enables you to regulate the temperature inside, your thermostat can operate them directly for your convenience.

The Spanish cedar

Spanish cedar is the standard inside wood for humidors. Some have cedar lining on walls, while others feature Spanish cedar wood shelves and drawers. Spanish cedar humidors, like cedar closets, repel insects and keep the contents from rotting. 

Spanish cedar also has specific absorbent capabilities, allowing it to collect and release water to maintain conditions within the humidor uniformly moist.

Final Verdict

Because of their intended use, the wear-and-tear that occurs with travel will undoubtedly reduce their lifetime. If you’re a serious cigar smoker, consider a portable humidor around the size of a smartphone case. It can endure several years, based on how often you drop it.


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