How Hot Stone Massage Can Benefit Your Lymphatic System

Hot stone massage
Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage may be the most relaxing, smoothest, and calming form of massage therapy you’ve ever experienced. However, you’re probably wondering how exactly it works. How does your body react to this type of therapy? If you’re wondering about that, then this guide will help you understand how hot stone massage can benefit your lymphatic system and other parts of your body as well!

What Is The Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a vital, complementary part of the circulatory system that fights infection and gets rid of tissue wastes. The two main parts of the lymphatic system are the ‘lymph nodes’ and the ‘ducts’. The lymphatic system filters excess fluids from our tissues and organs. When we don’t drink enough fluids, toxic waste accumulates in our cells which can lead to swelling.

What Are The Benefits Of Massaging The Lymphatics?

The lymphatic system is a collection of vessels, cells, and tissues that removes toxins from the bloodstream and carries them back to the blood. The system filters out bacteria and other large molecules so that they don’t return to the bloodstream. Lymph nodes, which are located all over your body, filter most of the fluid in your lymphatics. 

Hot stone massage can be used as a form of self-care for stress relief due to it’s soothing effects on muscles.

What Types Of Massages Are Beneficial For The Lymphatics?

Lymph is the fluid that circulates throughout your body and clears waste from your cells. The best types of massage for the lymphatics are ones that make it move quickly and efficiently. These types of massages are also excellent for detoxifying your body on a deep level. Examples of these massages include hot stone massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage, lymph drainage massage and whole-body vibration therapy.

How Does A Hot Stone Treatment Help With The Lymphatics?

Unlike many massage techniques, which require the recipient to change positions during the course of treatment, a hot stone massage typically doesn’t require a lot of movement. The recipient remains in one position for the duration of treatment, usually about 30 minutes. This is because heat coming from stones can penetrate deeply into muscle and soft tissue, eliminating pain and tension that might otherwise be missed by other treatments or physical therapy. And this penetrative nature has a secondary effect- improved lymph circulation.

Where Can I Get A Hot Stone Treatment?

Often when we talk about massage, it’s in reference to a Swedish or relaxation massage. While these styles are excellent and can be good for people with certain types of injuries or ailments, there is also a specialty type of massage called hot stone therapy.

Hot stone therapy works to bring circulation back into the body by applying heated stones on your muscles and soft tissue. The heat from the stones helps break down muscle tension while simultaneously increasing blood flow. With all this going on, it makes sense that this type of massage would have some other added benefits too. The use of heat can help improve lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and fluid retention while releasing toxins from the body through sweating.


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