Is Soulja Boy The Ceo Of Atari?

Rapper claims Atari grow to be impressed via his Soulja Boy endeavor console

In a unusual new Instagram video, Soulja Boy added himself because the owner of Atari, making himself “the first rapper to personal a online game organization.”

The rapper, whose real call is DeAndre Cortez Way, shared a video on August 18 carrying a hat and T-shirt with the organization’s emblem, saying “they signed me a cope with Atari”, a partnership for the number one time. Appeared like.

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However, Soulja Boy continued, “I’m going to decorate the agency, we’re going to take Atari to the subsequent stage. Follow anyone @Atari. I very personal Atari now.”

As mentioned in The Gaming Bible, the rapper has added severa SouljaGames-branded consoles of his very personal in current years, even though the ones were found to have stolen designs that were grew to grow to be down by using the usage of Sony and Nintendo felony professionals.

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However, inside the video he claimed that Atari modified into “sincerely pleased with what I did with the Soulja Boy activity console” and that he became going to promote the organisation for US$140million.

However, Atari has spoke back to the claims in recent times (August 20) via Twitter: “We recognize the CEO of Atari has a dream interest, but that honor belongs to Wade Rosen.”


Atari launched a new console in June, a modern-day take on the traditional 1977 VCS device that comes pre-mounted with traditional Atari games, however moreover capabilities as a Linux-powered PC.

The industrial employer organisation moreover stated that it will bypass some distance from the unfastened-to-play and mobile markets to recognition on top charge console and PC video video games.

Elsewhere, a modern-day video file alleges that Roblox is exploiting younger activity builders. The research claims that the platform encourages its clients, especially youngsters, to create and monetize their video games, however the methods endorse that very little sales truly leaves its surroundings.

How Atari’s New Ceo Wants To Recharge The Logo

Wade Rosen explains the enterprise’s go with the flow some distance from cell and unfastened-to-play, in addition to why Atari undermines the on line casino brand but Atari Hotels would not

Few manufacturers have a beyond in gaming as prolonged — or as checkered — as Atari. Since kickstarting both the arcade and home gaming scene within the Seventies and early Eighties, the Atari call has changed arms numerous times, with each new stewards of the logo in search of to move returned it to its glory days. The fact that Target’s management stays unchanged from group to management speaks to now not simplest the constrained achievement they have had to this point, but the enduring fee of the Atari call.

Currently, the man or woman in fee of Atari is CEO Wade Rosen, who changed into named to that role in April and some months later noticed a strategic pivot for the corporation a ways from cellular and loose-to-play video games and in the course of pinnacle elegance PC and console titles. Was introduced. , The first glimpse of that trade came these days with the release of Centipede: Recharged at some point of multiple structures. A remake of the particular arcade activity with revised visuals, new challenges and an real score by way of using Megan McDuffie, Centipede: Recharge hobbies to set the tone for a Recharge line in which Black Widow, Asteroids and Breakout may be given equal remedy.

In his first English language interview due to the fact taking place of job, Rosen described the purpose within the again of the trade.

“It’s wished because the marketplace wasn’t surely certain, or wasn’t clean about what we have been doing,” Rosen says. “Atari become synonymous with doing loads of things, but now not simply explaining why they have been doing those subjects, what their motivation changed into, or wherein the ones motives have been coming from. So the focal point at the video games supposed to do because it’s why human beings recognize us. Instead of trying to find to rediscover ourselves in a TV employer, a on-line on line casino operator, or all of these one of a kind topics, we’ve got got were given become referred to as a online game company. “

Internal TV manufacturing and on-line on line casino operations have been  of the organizations Atari dropped among shifts. However, it is covered in TVs through licensing offers. This maintains with a modern-day line of hotels as well, and there is in spite of the reality that an Atari blockchain department working on Atari-branded cryptocurrency, NFTs, and one-of-a-kind such efforts.

When we ask if all this does not dilute the brand besides, Rosen says there are some issues the commercial enterprise enterprise addressed even as considering those efforts.

“The first question is ‘Does this make enjoy?’ Does it endorse the emblem and does it offer clarity? If no longer, we in all likelihood may not. If it does, the question is, do you do it internally or now not?”

On the primary question, Rosen says that Atari has grew to become down “hundreds” of licensing offers that could have been underwhelming. For the second question, he emphasizes the rate of diverting the organization’s hobby.


“On the online casino element, it didn’t definitely make experience on masses of degrees as it changed into every producers skinny, and it changed into soaking up some of time from the group,” Rosen says.

As for motels, Rosen says he emerge as skeptical at the start, but came round for the identical reasons as Nintendo became making plans to gather a Mario theme park.With Universal Studios turn out to be a great concept.

It’s no longer only a everyday motel with the Atari brand, Rosen says. It will create some of logo dilution, however what they’re hoping to gather and assemble and bring to the area is some element very specific and unique, and might healthy truely properly for Atari to try.

After the restructuring, Atari now has extra business agency traces. There’s the gaming business enterprise, the Atari VCS hardware commercial enterprise, the blockchain industrial commercial enterprise corporation, and the licensing enterprise corporation (which handles now not high-quality motels and T-shirts, however moreover licensed gaming products similar to the Atari Flashback microconsole or arcade 1up device). Rosen says there’s though collaboration a few of the corporations, but every is extra focused on their respective regions, in place of dividing the company’s time into separate efforts.

He would no longer communicate this mission rely earlier than, so we ask approximately the capability pitfalls of associating the antique style Atari emblem with tasteless groups like actual-money gambling and blockchain, which isn’t always only a favorite device of scammers and ransomware. Is. Hackers however have wonderful environmental charges and characteristic demonstrated few realistic packages beyond hypothesis. (GamesIndustry.Biz determined to lessen its blockchain coverage in advance this 12 months.)


Janu Abbasi is writer, editor, and devoted bookworm based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While he currently is the Senior Editor for content marketing agency Rehan Networks, he’s been slinging copy in various forms for more than a decade.

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