JavaScript-based smart contract service Agoric, which is built on the Cosmos SDK, raises $32M in a private token sale (Yogita Khatri/The Block)

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  • Agoric, a smart contract platform built on the Cosmos SDK, has raised $32 million in a private token sale.
  • Agoric has also launched its mainnet. It now plans to launch an AMM and a native stablecoin.
  • Agoric, a JavaScript-based smart contract platform built on the Cosmos SDK and with Tendermint proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, has raised $32 million in a private token sale and has also launched its mainnet after over three years of development.Agoric was founded in 2018 to help JavaScript developers — the biggest developer community in the world with nearly 14 million people — build decentralized applications or dapps. JavaScript is a programming language like Ethereum’s Solidity and Solana’s Rust language.

    “The crypto market has overlooked the need to engage with non-crypto-native audiences to onboard the next wave of DeFi entrepreneurs,” Agoric co-founder and CEO Dean Tribble told The Block. “Agoric is aiming to bridge this divide.”

    Tribble is a former principal architect at Microsoft and leads Agoric with chief scientist Mark S. Miller, a Google research scientist who wrote a paper called Agoric Open Systems in 1988.

    Now that the Agoric mainnet has been launched and the new capital has been raised, the platform hopes to build and grow its developer community. Tribble said Agoric will reward early developers with its native Build (BLD) token.

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