Largest 20 Counties Population Facts

  • Sixty-5 percent of the total populace of Indiana
  • Eighty percent of Indiana’s increase considering 2000
  • Seventeen of the 20 are a part of larger metropolitan areas.
  • Sixteen have accelerated for the reason that 2000 census, whilst 4 have declined.
  • Hendrix County climbed five ranks from 16th to eleventh
  • Johnson County jumped from 13th to 10th. Click here

Smallest 20 Counties Population Facts

  • Four percent of the total population of Indiana
  • Combined for a total populace loss of 352 citizens because of the 2000 census.
  • Only seven out of 20 are a part of larger metropolitan regions.
  • Nine expanded for the reason that the 2000 census, even as eleven declined 
  • There was no considerable movement in the ranks with Pulaski and Blackford county switching and Switzerland and Benton county switching.

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The Population Of The 20 Smallest Counties In Indiana, 2006

All counties (Warren and Vermillion) skilled natural increases, and eight counties had high-quality internet migration. Perhaps no longer notably, migration from overseas is much less of an aspect for these counties, with just 13 out of 20 experiencing high-quality international migration.

The Population Of The 20 Largest Counties In Indiana, 2006

What is in the back of this populace boom? All 20 counties experienced natural growth (which means the number of births passed deaths) and nine of the 20 counties had nice net migration (meaning more human beings moved out). A sizeable element of that population boom may be because of international migration; That is, humans migrating from nations outdoor the United States. All 20 counties are skilled in nice international migration.

20 Shortest

What is happening on the alternative quit of the spectrum? About 276,000 people live within the nation’s 20 smallest counties (see Figure three). Since the 2000 census, nine of these counties blended elevated to two,488; However, the ultimate 11 suffered a complete loss of Rs 2,840.

Most And Least Populated Counties In Indiana, 2006

Most importantly, the largest twenty counties accounted for 80 percent of the kingdom’s population growth of 233,000 within the six years since the 2000 census. Within the one’s 20 counties, only six accounted for a sixty-seven percent increase in that population and are a part of the kingdom’s metropolitan regions of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Gary, and Elkhart.


Of course, as proven in Table 1, now not all of the top 20 are growing. However, while the four counties lost a complete of about 10,000 citizens, the ultimate 16 won over 196, six hundred people. Hamilton County on my own added 68,239 people over the last six years (a 37 percent growth). Figure 2 shows the population of the 20 biggest counties in Indiana in 2006.


The economic system of a region flourishes or dives due to the human beings selected to live there. Monitoring modifications in population length and speed is a critical barometer of nicely-being because it can expect greater first-rate activities, which include a lack of trade because of hard work scarcity.

Annual Estimate

Components of change statement (or time series)

Note: Figures from 2000 to 2009 come from the Census Bureau’s 2009 population estimates, which can be benchmarks for the 2000 census (which means those facts are not regular with 2010 census consequences). The figures from 2010 to 2019 come from the Census Bureau’s vintage 2020 population estimates, which might be the benchmark for the 2010 census. The figures for 2020 to 2021 come from the Census Bureau’s old 2021 population estimates, which can be the benchmark for Census 2020. Data for the last decade 2000. , 2010 and 2020 cover best a three-month length of these years (April to June). In other words, there may be a ruin of 9 months in this time collection. For example, there may be no information to be had for the duration between July 2019 and April 2020.

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Imagine Indiana Population Change, 2020-2021

Imagine Indiana Population Change, 2010-2020

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Daytime Population Estimates (States, Counties, and Selected Locations): Daytime populace refers back to the number of those who are found in a place during normal commercial enterprise hours as opposed to the night resident population.


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