Lexus is going to launch the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid as a twin model!

As we all know, the Lexus crossover UX is currently the most accessible model in the Lexus range. In a generation where cars are getting bigger and bigger, and manufacturers are scaling back on their urban small cars, the Toyota Yaris Cross 2023 Hybrid has created a buzz in Europe and the US, selling 72,874 units in Europe in the first half of this year alone. Lexus, too, seems to smell the scent of the pie and is planning to launch a twin version of the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid, the LBX, which is expected to be launched in early 2023.

According to foreign media, the future Lexus LBX will use the same hybrid electric power system and TNGA GA-B platform as the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid, and will be the first Lexus car to use a 3-cylinder engine. But with less than three months to go until 2023, and even if we count another season until March/April next year, no one has yet caught a test car in camouflage on the road, so one wonders if the LBX is a real car or just another urban legend.

Another point is that, judging from the fact that Toyota’s Yaris Cross, Aqua and the recently launched Sienta in Japan have not been introduced to Taiwan, it is almost certain that all vehicles using the TNGA GA-B platform will not be available in the Taiwanese market. In response to this, Taiwan’s distributor, Hetai Motors, has also explained that the use of this platform will result in a significant increase in the cost of the car, which will undoubtedly result in a situation where the car will be a hit but not a miss for the Taiwanese consumer.

But perhaps with the luxury brand Lexus, Taiwanese may be able to accept a higher price tag, and with the Lexus LBX rumoured to cost less than a million Taiwan dollars, this is a good C/P value for a car of consistent quality and a luxury brand that has been established in Taiwan for many years, compared to the Lexus product structure in Taiwan.

Whether the rumours are true or not, I’m looking forward to seeing a Lexus in Taiwan for under a million dollars, and this LBX will bring a more complete product mix to Lexus Taiwan, attracting a wider range of customers.


Janu Abbasi is writer, editor, and devoted bookworm based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While he currently is the Senior Editor for content marketing agency Rehan Networks, he’s been slinging copy in various forms for more than a decade.

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