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Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) swims beneath the surface of the ocean. Indian Ocean, off Sri Lanka.

The Antarctic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus ssp intermedia) is the most important animal on this planet, weighing up to four hundred,000 kilos (approximately 33 elephants) and reaching ninety-eight feet in the period. The whale’s heart is the size of a small automobile, and all through the main feeding season, it consumes about 7936 kilos of krill in line with day. It is the loudest animal on Earth, even louder than a jet engine – its sound reaches 188 decibels even as a jet reaches a hundred and forty decibels. The low-frequency whistling of whales can be heard for masses of miles and might be used to attract other blue whales. Click here

The Antarctic Blue Whale Is ‘severely Endangered’

Blue whale populations in Antarctica were significantly decreased via commercial whaling, which commenced inside the southern Atlantic Ocean in 1904. Despite prison protection thru the International Whaling Commission inside the Sixties, poaching continued until 1972. In 1926 there were approximately a hundred twenty-five,000 individuals. This became decreased to around 3,000 individuals in 2018, which classifies the species as “seriously endangered” on the IUCN Red List.

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A Great Variety Of Antarctic Blue Whales Have Been Recently Located

A crew of scientists led via the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) become capable of proportion some appropriate information while returning from their latest excursion to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. He counted fifty-five Antarctic blue whales throughout his 2020 excursion, which he describes as “unheard of”. The South Georgia waters continue to be a vital summer season dining destination.


Dr. Jennifer Jackson, the whale ecologist at BAS, says: “After 3 years of surveying, we are pleased to look at so many whales in South Georgia to feed once more. This is an area wherein each whaling and sealing are rampant. It is clear that safety from whaling has labored, with humpback whales now seen in densities much like a century in the past while whaling first started in South Georgia.”

What Is Wwf Doing?

For a few years, WWF has worked with the Southern Ocean Commission (CCAMLR) to defend the most important habitats for iconic species inclusive of whales, penguins, seals, seabirds, and their prey – small Antarctic krill. In the Southern Ocean, CCAMLR has made a dedication to putting into effect a network of marine-covered regions around Antarctica, which will protect several flora and fauna laid low with weather trade, along with areas in which whales live in smaller Antarctica. Feeds on krill. WWF works with scientists to offer critical facts to assist governments to defend these vital forage areas.


“Antarctic blue whales are the biggest animals on Earth and a mind-blowing wonder to look inside the wild. They are actual Antarctic giants. However, they may be critically endangered, very slowly improving from the consequences of twentieth-century whaling Now, we are running to protect critical pasture regions for blue whales within the Southern Ocean earlier than it’s miles too late. This research confirms that there may be nevertheless desired,” said Chris Johnson, Global Lead for Protecting Whales and Dolphin Initiative.

Right Whale (60 ft / 18.Three m)

The right whale is in reality a set of three comparable whale species: the North Atlantic right whale, the southern right whale, and the North Pacific proper whale. Each of these whales is characterized through their rounded bodies, V-formed blowholes, and very darkish skin. They were given their name due to the fact they had been specifically mentioned via whalers as “proper” whales to harvest masses of meat and blubber. A common right whale can develop as much as 60 feet (18 m) in period and weigh up to one hundred heaps or maybe slightly more.

Sperm Whale (sixty-seven feet / 20.5 m)

The biggest of the toothed whales is the sperm whale, which is one of the few species of whale that can stay in a wide sort of environment and is therefore found in oceans around the sector. Females journey and stay in companies, whilst male sperm whales are solitary animals besides mating. Sperm whales are common as much as sixty-seven ft (20. Five m) in the period, with men weighing as much as 56 lots. However, it ought to be noted that whaling can also have reduced the general size of these whales, as the most important had been centered on the aid of whale hunters within the past many years. These whales can end up about ninety toes (27. Five m) long, although their slim length approach they weigh a maximum of 72 lots.


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