Pop-by gift ideas for realtors

Pop-by gift ideas for realtors.

The real estate field involves a ton of networking, and it will always pay off to stay connected to your prospective clients, irrespective of whether you have done business with them in the past.

It is one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book, and it helps you increase your client retention rate and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.

There are various ways to keep in touch with your target audience, but one of the best ways is to conduct a pop-by campaign. Herein, the technique is simple: you go to the prospect’s house and knock on their door.

It will help reinforce your connection with the audience, which is often hard to establish.

However, it is recommended that you refrain from showing up empty-handed and carrying a gift. There are many pop-by gift ideas for real estate agents that you can consider.

Bringing along a gift will only help you strike up a conversion, and it will also make your visit to their place less awkward and formal.

Along with the gift, you can hand them a customized letter card or a postcard that will make the gift even more memorable.

Here are some ideas if you need clarification about what gifts you can take.

A plant

Who does not love plants? They are some of the best gift items you could give someone. No matter who they are or your relationship with them, giving them a planter will only help solidify your relationship with them.

A plant is meant to signify prosperity, and it is like a peace offering.

When you gift a person a planter, they will make space for it in their house. This indirectly makes you more memorable for them as they will remember where this planter came from whenever they see it.

Grill tools

Summer months are infamous for backyard barbecue sessions with friends. To conduct those sessions, one must have the right tools to barbecue their favorite meats and food ingredients.

You can gift prospective clients a barbecue grill set containing a spatula, tong, fork, and other items.

Consider gifting it with a personalized and memorable message on a postcard so they know who gave them the gift.

So, the next time they enjoy barbecuing over the weekend, they might tell their friends about you since you gifted them a fantastic set.

Sport items

If you hint that the client is into some sport, consider gifting them equipment for the same sport. For instance, if you have seen them in golf clubs, then golfing items are some of the best pop-by gift ideas for real estateagents.

This will be a memorable gift for them as they will use it often on the greens and might tell their peers about who gifted them the cap or the golf balls.

Such exemplary gifts will only help you spread the word about your services.


Everyone has a sweet tooth, and fulfilling someone’s sugar cravings helps you get in their good books.

You can pop by the prospects’ home with a bag of cookies, and they will surely be happy. Ensure that you take an adequate amount of cookies, and gifting a box full of assorted flavors is the best option.

So, these are some of the best gift ideas you must consider if you plan a pop-by campaign.


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