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Prodeg is a leading company that provides IT Consulting Services for businesses of all sizes. Its services include project management, IT audits, and managerial training. They also offer solutions for profitability enhancement.


Prodeg is an engineering company that focuses on a variety of industries. It’s mission is to provide business tools that help companies operate efficiently. This includes a series of software solutions that can be used to manage operations, finances, marketing, and more. They also provide training services to their clients. Their experts have years of experience in the field, and can help your organization reach its goals.

For companies looking for an affordable and easy to use solution, Prodeg can provide the right software. In addition, the team behind Prodeg has a wide range of expertise and experience to offer advice and support on how to reach the audience your company wants. As one of the largest consulting firms in Latin America, Prodeg is well positioned to ride the tidal wave of mobile technology. The company has offices in Curitiba, Brazil; and in the United States.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Prodeg has the experience to get you started. They can also provide you with a wide range of certifications that are tailored to your specific organization. When you’re ready to invest in a new software, contact Prodeg and see how it can help you. Whether you’re a small or medium business, they can find the perfect solution for you.

Recent acquisitions

Prodeg is a management consulting firm that has been a leader in the field of business process improvement. They provide solutions to help their clients improve profitability. Its services are widely dispersed across the Latin America region. This company also offers an extensive network of training programs and franchises. In addition, they boast of a group of impressive subject matter experts.

Prodeg specializes in business process improvement and training. Its extensive network of training programs caters to any corporate needs. The company is also well-versed in the complex field of management systems. With over thirty years of experience, they have been instrumental in enhancing their clients’ operations and improving their profitability. Many companies have chosen Prodeg as a trusted source of consulting and training. These include Coca-Cola, Granero, and Smart Home.

As a result of these recent acquisitions, Prodeg will be able to expand its services and capabilities. The organization is planning to relocate its headquarters from Atlanta, Georgia, to New York, which is a major step toward furthering its organizational growth. A fundraise by TPG Growth will accelerate the growth of the company. Other notable industry leaders to have received an investment from this fund include Uber, Spotify, and Airbnb. All these factors point to the fact that Prodeg is poised to take its place among the world’s leading technology companies. By the end of this year, the company hopes to be worth $3 billion.

Practice managers oversee projects

Practice managers are responsible for managing the daily operations of a medical office. They oversee employee scheduling, billing, and ordering equipment. During their career, they have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including private health care practices and public clinics.

The average practice manager earns an annual salary of $10,877. Most physicians and private health care providers prefer to hire candidates with advanced degrees, but there are some who do not require a master’s degree.

Practice managers are often employed by hospitals to run specific departments. These duties vary with the size of the practice. For example, a large, multi-specialty medical practice may hire several Practice Managers.

As with any type of leadership position, a practice manager must have a wide range of skills. They must be able to work in a diverse environment, interact with employees and patients, and be a positive influence. Having a cheerful disposition is also a must.

Practice managers are in charge of recruiting, training, and supervising new staff members. In addition to employee schedules and patient billing, they also have to supervise office repairs and maintenance. Besides, they need to keep up with legal standards.

Typical tasks for practice managers include training new employees, evaluating productivity, and approving spending and payroll. They may also need to coordinate with vendors or arrange delivery dates. Depending on the company, the Practice Manager may also be responsible for handling medical insurance reimbursements.

jQuery Migrate

jQuery Migrate for prodeg allows you to migrate your old code to a newer version of jQuery. This can be useful for a number of reasons. First, it helps to make upgrading to jQuery easier. Next, it can also help to simplify debugging. And finally, it can help you keep your custom $.browser from being overwritten by a newer version of jQuery.

Using jQuery Migrate for prodeg helps to eliminate a lot of the hassle involved in upgrading. It works by bringing back many of the deprecated APIs that are no longer supported by the newer versions of jQuery. You can choose to use it in a production site if you’d like to, or in a development site if you’re worried about removing a lot of functionality.

To use jQuery Migrate for prodeg, you’ll need to load the plugin in a script tag after jQuery. When you do this, you’ll be able to mute any warning messages it gives you. Also, you’ll need to set the migrate property to false if you want to see duplicate warnings.

The jQuery Migrate for prodeg plugin provides several ways to detect and warn you about features that are no longer supported. These warnings are logged in the console and can be helpful in finding any problems that you might have with an existing plugin. Moreover, they can give you a glimpse into how your jQuery code is interacting with the latest version of jQuery.


A reCAPTCHA for Prodeg is a useful way to protect your website from bots and spam. This is especially important on a site with an open sign-up form or a comment section. Besides, it’s free. If you’re using WordPress, you can install it on your own. You’ll need an API key pair and a site key to do so.

A reCAPTCHA is a complex, automated process which recognizes human behavior. For example, it identifies if a visitor is a real person or a bot by comparing the user’s responses with other visitors’. It also uses artificial intelligence to grade tests without any intervention from humans. In the past, CAPTCHAs used words in distorted and unreadable forms. However, reCAPTCHAs employ lower resolution images that can be recognized by human eyes.

There are several different types of reCAPTCHAs. The audio version, for instance, can be heard by the visually impaired. Other reCAPTCHAs require users to select specific parts of an image. Some of the more advanced reCAPTCHAs use real-life images. Depending on the type of reCAPTCHA you choose, you may want to consider the pros and cons.

One of the best parts of reCAPTCHA is that it’s completely free. However, if your site isn’t setup correctly, the system can prove a little frustrating. That’s why it’s always best to check your website’s coding before you make a change. Changes can take up to 24 hours to be reflected in the site’s code.


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