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The first task, Mission San Antonio de Valero (The Alamo), was hooked up inside the region in 1718. Six years and 3 relocations later it moved to its final area on the east side of the San Antonio River, which we now realize as the Alamo. Four different missions had been established earlier, however, moved to different components of Texas, in the area in 1731.

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A Spanish military outpost, the Presidio San Antonio de Badger, was additionally begun in 1718 to defend the project.

The location turned into first created as a municipality on 9 March 1731 with the arrival of a new organization of Spanish settlers from the Canary Islands. At that point, it became referred to as San Fernando de Bexar and changed into below the ownership of New Spain.

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In 1811, San Antonio performed a crucial position in the battle between Mexico and Spain. Winning independence from Spain in 1821, the new Republic of Mexico invited settlers from America to Tejas. The Siege of Bexar in December of 1835 and the Battle of the Alamo in March of 1836 placed San Antonio at the forefront of the battle for Texas’ independence from Mexico.

Bexar County become formally installed on March 17, 1836, as one of the original 23 counties of the Republic of Texas. At the time, it covered a whole lot of Texas to the north and west of the present-day county, in addition to elements of what is now New Mexico. , Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Texas and Bexar County retained their elevated borders whilst Texas has become the 28th country of America. In the Compromise of 1850, Texas’ borders were reduced to their modern configuration in exchange for the federal government dealing with Texas’ pre-state debt. The barriers of Bexar County had been decreased as a consequence.

Between 1845 and 1876, approximately 128 new Texas counties had been created that were formerly territories of Bexar County. A list of Texas counties with their dates of formation and determined counties is available on the Texas Genweb web page.


Bexar County was created on December 20, 1836, and encompasses almost the entire western part of the Republic of Texas. It included disputed areas of western New Mexico as far north as Wyoming. After the formation of the kingdom, 128 counties have been carved out of its territory.

The county was named after San Antonio de Bexar, one of the 23 Mexican municipalities (administrative divisions) of Texas at the time of its independence. San Antonio de Bexar—in the beginning, Vila de San Fernando de Bexar—became the first civilian government set up by way of the Spanish within the province of Texas. Notably, the municipality changed into created in 1731 while fifty-five Canary Islanders settled near the system of missions mounted around the supply of the San Antonio River. The new settlement turned into named after the Presidio San Antonio de Badger, the Spanish army outpost guarding the assignment. The Presidio, located in San Pedro Springs, became founded in 1718 and named after Viceroy Balthasar Manuel de Ziga y Guzmán Sotomayor y Sarmiento, the second son of the Duke of Badger (a metropolis in Spain). The modern metropolis of San Antonio within the US kingdom of Texas also takes its call from San Antonio de Badger.


According to the US Census Bureau, the county has a total location of ​​1,256 rectangular miles (three,250 km), of which 1,240 square miles (3,200 km) is land and 16 square miles (forty-one km) (1.3%) is water. Bexar County is in south-imperative Texas, about 190 miles (305 km) west of Houston and a hundred and forty miles (230 km) from the USA-Mexican border both to the southwest and the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast.

Balcones divide the Escarpment county from west to northeast; To the north of the slopes are the Texas Hill Country’s rocky hills, waterfalls, and canyons. To the south of the slope are the Blackland Prairie and the plains of South Texas. The San Antonio River originates from springs north of downtown San Antonio and flows south and southeast through the county.

Major Motorway

Bexar County has an extensive “wagon wheel” throughway device, with radial freeways and beltways that encircle downtown San Antonio, permitting simplified countywide limited-access highway get entry to just like the freeways around Houston or Dallas. San Antonio is particular, but, in that, not like Houston or Dallas, none of those highways presently have tolls.


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