Telegram is planning to launch Stories feauture soon


Stories on Telegram marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the platform, driven by user demand and the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience. While initial concerns about the proliferation of Stories across various platforms were acknowledged, Telegram’s decision to implement this feature underscores their dedication to meeting user expectations.

Empowering User Control and Privacy
Telegram’s Stories feature offers users unparalleled control over their audience. Users can selectively share their Stories with everyone, specific contacts, or a curated list of close friends. The introduction of the expandable Stories section at the top of the chat list provides convenient access without compromising valuable screen real estate. Additionally, the ability to hide Stories from designated contacts ensures a tailored and clutter-free viewing experience.

Customization and Multifaceted Storytelling
Telegram’s Stories empower users with an array of creative options. Alongside the traditional features of adding captions and links, users can tag other individuals, fostering meaningful connections and interactions. Moreover, the ability to capture simultaneous photos and videos using both front and rear cameras injects a dynamic BeReal-like style into storytelling.

Temporal Versatility and Profile Enhancement
With an ephemeral setting, Telegram Stories offer users the flexibility to choose the lifespan of their content, ranging from a few hours to two days. Alternatively, users can permanently showcase their Stories on their profile page, reminiscent of Instagram’s Story highlights. This feature not only enhances user profiles but also provides a comprehensive snapshot of users’ interests, activities and increase Telegram views..

As Telegram’s Stories nears its final testing phase, the imminent launch in early July marks a pivotal moment for the platform. By embracing user feedback and innovating within the storytelling landscape, Telegram is poised to redefine user engagement and solidify its position as a dynamic and socially immersive messaging app. The forthcoming Stories feature presents a compelling opportunity for users to amplify their content reach and captivate audiences within the thriving Telegram community.


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