FRIV is one of the best platforms for those looking for a source of entertainment with easy and fast access . There you can find hundreds of mini-games developed by both professionals and amateurs, a variety in which it is impossible not to find one that you like.

It is a website with a very intuitive interface that contains a wide variety of themes, from action games, to strategy, adventure, sports… and available to all audiences ! And best of all, the requirements to enjoy it are minimal: you just have to have a good Internet connection and that your device has Flash Player installed.

An easy and simple option to pass the time. Do you want to try it? Do not miss our selection with the best FRIV games.

The best FRIV titles

Demon Castle

It is one of the most complex titles we have seen in the application. It is a metroidvania that pays tribute to the best 8-bit titles of the genre and that is presented as an NES title, in addition to having quite complete and daring gameplay. And yes, it is full of references to the Castlevania saga.

Fireboy and Watergirl

This is a traditional platformer, but with one caveat: you control two players at the same time, each one with unique weaknesses and characteristics that you have to combine to go through the difficulties of the levels and reach the end.

Power Pamplona

It’s one of the classic platform racing games , but it never gets old. You start in the bullring of Pamplona, ​​chased by a bull and you will have to go through different levels that are based on several of the main cities in the world, with all kinds of obstacles that you have to avoid if you don’t want… to be caught by the bull.

Red Ball

In this title, you have to control a ball and use all kinds of elements that are in the environment to get through the obstacles that stand in your way . It is a game that is easy to understand but difficult to complete, as it will force you to use logic and imagination to decipher the puzzles in each level.

No Duck’s Sky

It’s a pretty entertaining platformer . Your character is equipped with a backpack that launches missiles and that you have to use both to get rid of the enemies and to propel yourself through the levels and dodge all the obstacles. You have to do it knowing how much ammunition you have left and knowing in what situations you should use them. Each level has a different gravity, something that makes it more complicated.

Electric Man

Hit ‘Em Up -style fighting game with very simple mechanics but very varied ways of fighting. You will have to defeat endless waves of enemies and choose whether to do it with simple movements or with slow motion attacks that will look perfect.

Bad Ice Cream

The title is a largely untouched copy of Pacman , only with slightly different levels and new enemies. Still, he feels pretty much the same, so now you know: give it a try and enjoy!


Haunt the House

Contrary to what its name says, it is a comedy game in which you play a ghost that has the power to possess any object and scare the people who are scattered around the house. The objective is to fill a bar below, which marks the level of fear of the inhabitants of the home.

Parking Mania

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work as a valet ? Well, a real mess. And if you haven’t thought about it, this title will help you get an idea. It has different levels that vary the difficulty of having all the cars and the demand of customers, so be prepared for chaos.