Triangle of Sadness

“Triangle of Sadness” Ending Explained by Lead Actress Abigail Yaya

The recently released film “Triangle of Sadness” has left many viewers puzzled by its ambiguous ending. However, in a recent interview with Decider, lead actress Abigail Yaya shed some light on the film’s conclusion.

Yaya, who plays the character of Maria in the film, explained that the ending was intentionally left open to interpretation. She stated that the director wanted to leave the audience with a sense of uncertainty and allow them to draw their conclusions about what happens to the characters after the final scene.

Yaya also noted that the film explores themes of power, privilege, and exploitation in the fashion industry. She explained that her character Maria represents the struggle of models who are often mistreated and underpaid in the industry. Yaya hopes that the film will raise awareness of these issues and encourage people to advocate for better treatment of models and workers in the fashion industry.

Despite its open ending, “Triangle of Sadness” has received critical acclaim for its cinematography, performances, and social commentary. The film follows the story of a fashion house and the relationships between the models, designers, and executives. The film’s exploration of the fashion industry’s dark side has resonated with audiences and shed light on the need for systemic change in the industry.

In conclusion, “Triangle of Sadness” is a thought-provoking film that challenges viewers to consider the exploitation and mistreatment that occurs in the fashion industry. While its ending may be open to interpretation, the film’s powerful message about the need for change in the industry is clear.

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