What Are The Reasons To Hire An AVO Lawyer?

Domestic violence is never a pleasant situation to be in and can be mentally and physically exhausting for the individual involved. There are many domestic violence cases, but not all are likely to have committed the crime. Apprehended Violence Orders(AVO) are orders issued by a court against a person who makes you worry for your safety, such as a current or former partner. It keeps you safe from additional abuse, threats, or harassment. The court forbids the individual who is inciting these anxieties from physically harming, harassing mentally or physically, threatening, stalking, or intimidating you. The defendant must abide by the court’s ruling. They might be charged with a crime if they violate the order.

There are mainly two types of AVOs: domestic and personal. In domestic violence orders, the person is in a domestic relationship with the defendant, such as a spouse or a relative. In personal violence orders, the individual is related to the defendant but not in a domestic relationship, such as a neighbour. The eligibility for applying for an AVO is sixteen years or older and have been a victim of assault, harassment, and threatening behaviour that is likely to be repeated in the future.

It’s crucial to resort to an experienced domestic violence attorney and not try to handle the case alone if you find yourself in a scenario where you have to defend your innocence against such false charges. An experienced lawyer from the beginning can significantly increase your chances and guarantee a positive outcome. Here are a few reasons why you should hire an AVO lawyer-

Minimising Consequences:

The attorney is experienced in this area and will know how to effectively present your case so that you are acquitted or face significantly less severe penalties. Even if you are a first-time alleged offender, you should seek a skilled attorney because the consequences might be severe.

Legal Process:

As a victim of domestic violence, it isn’t easy to cope with the situation and handle all the paperwork that comes through while proving your claim. The cross-examination questions can be traumatising for you, and you don’t want to go through something so cruel. An experienced domestic violence lawyer will know what kind of questioning is relevant and keep their client’s interest their priority. This will help you in situations that may cause distress.


Last but not least, a lawyer will expedite every stage of your domestic violence case and assist you in reaching a favourable conclusion much more rapidly than you could without their assistance. It is crucial since it will make it possible for you to resume your regular life more quickly and put you in contact with your loved ones much earlier than you might anticipate.

Final Thoughts:

As a domestic violence lawyer, it is vital to inform the client (victim) about the possible conditions they can add to the apprehended violence orders against the defendant. In false allegations, the defendant needs to know their rights and the most favourable outcome according to the evidence and case developed by the prosecutor.


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