2022 Yamaha Nmax in seven colourways with upgraded configuration and unchanged price

The domestic Motor Yamaha 2022 Nmax 155TCS version has received a small upgrade, mainly upgrading the rear shock system, while releasing seven colour schemes to choose from, with the price remaining unchanged at RMB 27,800. The price remains unchanged at 27,800 RMB. It’s a disguised increase in volume without an increase in price. Here’s a closer look at the features.


Exterior configuration

The 2022 Yamaha Nmax is available in seven paint styles. The exterior remains largely unchanged, with a naive and sporty look, full LED lighting, LCD LCD instruments and the addition of Yamaha Motorcycle Connect (Global Digital Intelligence System) to view detailed information on the vehicle’s status on your smartphone.

A: Shows throttle opening, engine speed, acceleration and eco-driving status.

B: Displays engine oil change times and battery condition.

C: Riding data management such as fuel efficiency.

D: Information on vehicle problems and faults etc. is automatically sent to a specified email address.

E: Display of last parking position.


Power engine

Still powered by the BLUE CORE engine, combined with VVA (Variable Valve), with SMG (Smart Electric Generator), with engine start/stop, silent pulse ignition system, maximum horsepower 15.4hp, maximum power 11.3kw, maximum torque 13.7Nm.


Configuration upgrades

The rear damping system has been upgraded with dual rear dampers with gas cylinders to support manual adjustment. There should be no essential changes to the handling, but at least the comfort will be improved and adjusted for different road conditions. Other aspects are ABS braking system and TSC anti-slip control system.


Specific parameters

Engine: Single-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke 155cc

Transmission: CVT

Body size: 1935*740*1160

Seat height: 765mm

Overall weight: 132kg

Fuel tank capacity: 7.1L

Wheelbase: 1340mm

Ground clearance: 125mm

Damping system: Front forks + adjustable twin rear shock absorbers with gas cylinders

Braking system: 230mm single piston calipers front and rear + ABS + TCS

Front wheel size: 110/70-13

Rear wheel size: 130/70-13

Electrical: USB charging, keyless start


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