Peugeot’s e-2008 pure electric SUV is now available on the car’s safety net

Peugeot’s e-2008 pure electric SUV is now available on the car’s safety net, hitting the Certificate of Conformity and increasing the chances of a CAFE introduction. In the face of the upcoming CAFE regulations, Peugeot, which has almost no new cars for 2021 and is only supported by new models such as the slightly revised 3008/5008 and 508 SW, has recently announced the appearance of an e-2008 pure electric model in the “Small Car Crashworthy Product Information” on the CarSafe website. Does this mean that BAUER will start entering the pure electric car market with the e-2008?

Unlike Peugeot 2008(Harga Peugeot 2008), The e-2008 also uses the new CMP modular chassis architecture, a 50kwh battery pack and an electric motor, providing a maximum power of 136ps and a maximum torque of 260Nm, with a 0-100km/h time of 8.1 seconds. It can travel 340km in the WLTP cycle. Of course, the fast charging system is also important. The e-208 supports a fast charge of 100kW, which can charge the battery to 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes. A conventional home charge would take 16 hours, a wallbox charging system 5 hours 15 minutes (11kw) or 8 hours (7.4kw).

On the outside, the e-2008 has a new water tank cover with a horizontal grille and the lion badge with its own blue logo; the rear of the car has a blue e and silver 2008 nameplate, and a black trim on the upper edge of the leaf panel with a blue “e”. The interior is identical to that of the conventional 2008, with the exception of the main unit in the middle and the dashboard, which has a new display for the electric model, showing information such as power output.

The e-2008 has a much higher chance of being launched than the 208, although the certification information appears above and a certified vehicle is also being certified in Taiwan, but the experience with the 208 shows that even if all the certifications are completed, it may still be unsold.


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