4 Ways to Boost the Immune System for Preventing Dengue

You would find a lot of medicines and supplements on the market to boost your immune system. It would not be the first option to use these supplements because they can upset your stomach or cause many other health problems. If your immune system is not boosted, then you will be more prone to dengue fever and other seasonal diseases.

Usually, seasonal diseases like the common cold or flu are not severe and don’t cause serious complications. The symptoms of these seasonal disappear after some time by taking care of some little things. However, diseases like dengue can be serious because they can cause even death.

The chances of dengue fever reduce if your immune system is strengthened enough. However, if you, unfortunately, experience dengue fever then a doctor may recommend an ns1 antigen test and you can find more information about it from the ns1 antigen test price.

During the times of the dengue virus, you will also take measures to boost the immune system effectively. You only have to take some measures that will help you a lot in strengthening your immune system within a short period of time.

Ways to Boost the Immune System

These ways, for everyone, would work effectively to increase the strength of the immune system:

Get Enough Sleep

You can say sleep and immunity are close friends because they affect each other. If you have a strengthened immune system then you will enjoy good sleep and taking good sleep will help you to boost your immune system.

If your sleep quality is poor or you are not taking enough sleep, the chances of sickness will increase significantly.

In a study, the researchers came to know that people who slept for six hours a day, especially at the night, were more likely to catch seasonal symptoms such as the flu than those who are taking sleep for more than six hours every night.

When you catch some seasonal diseases, getting enough amount of sleep helps your immune system to fight the germs and diseases in a good way. According to a study, adults need to sleep at least seven hours in a single day while teens have to sleep for eight to ten hours, and child specialists believe that infants need to sleep for fourteen hours.

People spend some hours before the TV screens that’s why they face trouble to fulfill their sleep time. In addition, exposure to screens also makes sleep joyless. To improve your sleep quality, you can cut your time before TV if you are going to sleep after some time. 

Other things you can do for good sleep are to turn off your room lights or you can use a sleep mask.

Limit the Intake of Added Sugars

News studies are concluding that the use of added sugars regularly increases the risks of overweight and obesity. Additionally, obesity is linked with the increased chances of getting sick.

A study, that observed 1000 people over a period of time, concluded that people with obesity who were administered the vaccine of the flu two times were more likely to get another shot than others who were not experiencing obesity.

Limiting the intake of sugar intake from natural and processed products can help you to decrease the risks of inflammation and may add to weight loss.

Studies also suggest that obesity, heart problems, etc. can weak your immune system, and to prevent these diseases, a decrease in the use of products packed with sugar is a must.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

The most important thing, to boost your immune system, is to eat a healthy diet every day over a period of time. A diet to boost the immune system will include a lot of vegs, fruits, healthy fats, etc.

In addition, your immune system needs a specific amount of energy to function properly, and a healthy diet will help you make sure that the immune system is getting enough energy. The following micronutrients would play an effective role to provide the required amount of energy to your immune system:

  • Vitamin C, you can get enough amount of it from lemons, strawberries, spinach, etc.
  • Vitamin B6, potatoes, tuna, or salmon would be sources of this essential vitamin
  • Vitamin C, you can find this vitamin in peanut butter or spinach

Some medical experts believe that the body effectively and easily absorbs vitamins from dietary sources. Therefore, a well-balanced diet would help you more than supplements in the form of capsules or tablets.

Do Moderate Exercise

A general physician In Karachi says that strenuous exercise can decrease the strength of the immune system. However, moderate exercise regularly can do the opposite.

In addition, even studies purpose that small sessions of moderate exercise can increase and boost the effectiveness of vaccines in patients who don’t have boosted immune system. Regular and moderate exercise can also reduce the risks of swelling and helps the immune system regenerates.


Janu Abbasi is writer, editor, and devoted bookworm based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While he currently is the Senior Editor for content marketing agency Rehan Networks, he’s been slinging copy in various forms for more than a decade.

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