How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

how much internet speed you need

Whenever one finds the best internet plan, they ask themselves if the Mbps that are being offered will fulfill their needs? Considering how the demand for the internet is increasing every day in almost every household, it is nothing but a challenge to find the answer to that question. Internet connectivity is much more like a moving target.

Sometimes, you enjoy unbelievingly fast speeds on your different devices while other times, you wonder why your connection has gotten so annoyingly slow. Maybe your video game lags when someone in the house starts to stream music. Or maybe the movie that you are watching on your favorite streaming service begins to buffer. This will make you wonder what is a good Cox internet speed like? Well, to help you figure that out, have a look at the following table.

Internet Speed No. Of People Activities
5-25 Mbps 1-2 Web browsing, Streaming SD videos, social media, Streaming music
25-50 Mbps 1-3 Gaming, streaming music, and HD/4K videos
50-100 Mbps 2-4 Gaming, streaming 4K videos, using home security devices
100-150 Mbps 2-5 Gaming, streaming 4K content, using smart home devices,
500-1,000 Mbps 3-5+ Gaming, streaming 4K content, running a home office, using home security devices

The Factors That Determine How Much Internet Speed You Require

Finding the right internet speed is more like a balancing act. If you don’t have enough Mbps then you might experience buffering whenever you stream audio or video content. On the contrary, if you have more Mbps than needed then you might be paying too much for your internet plan. But don’t worry! This article will discuss four factors that will determine the internet speed that you would require. So, let’s get straight to it.

#1. How Many People Are Using the Internet?

The number of people in your household that will use the internet will greatly impact its speed. Therefore, the more people using your internet, the more Mpbs you will require. Also, don’t forget to count yourself while you tally up everyone who will be connected to the internet. The potential internet users can include your spouse, children, or frequent guests like siblings or grandkids.

#2. How Many Devices Will Be Connected to the Internet?

Similarly, like people, the more devices that you wish to connect to the internet, the more Mbps would be required. This will take you some time to think about as there are way too many devices that use the internet. It is easy to forget the devices that you own but the following list might jog your memory.

  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming Devices
  • DVRs
  • Computers, Laptops, Tablets
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Security Systems
  • Smartphones
  • Smart Appliances

#3. Get an Idea of What You and Others Do Online

What do you do when you get connected to the internet? Do you play video games or stream videos on YouTube? Or maybe you are just a casual user who just needs to check your Facebook or email. Each of these activities requires different internet speeds. Here’s a quick look at the minimum speeds which you will require to run different online activities.

Activity Recommended Speed
Streaming standard definition video (480p) 3 Mbps
Streaming high definition video (1080p) 5 Mbps
Streaming 4K video 25 Mbps
Streaming music 1-10 Mbps
Gaming 3-4 Mbps
Making video calls 0.5-1.5 Mbps
Checking email 1 Mbps

Keep in mind that these recommended speeds are suitable only if you do one activity at a time. But who does that, right? You most likely will be multitasking when it comes to doing things online. This is why different ISPs offer speeds up to 1000 Mbps so you can keep doing your work uninterrupted.

#4. Find an Internet Plan That Works for You

Now that you know how many people will be using the internet and what online activities will they be performing along with the total number of devices which will be connected. The next step is to find an ISP that will fulfill your internet speed requirements. This will require you to do proper research. Also, don’t be shy to ask your friends and loved ones for help. They just might recommend you the best option.


Deciding on the internet speed that you need isn’t as easy as one might think. You will need to keep in mind all of those above-mentioned factors to ultimately make the right decision. If you need a connection just for surfing or streaming, then you won’t be requiring much Mbps. On the contrary, if you wish to enjoy 4K content, and play online games with your friends then you would definitely need more bandwidth.


Janu Abbasi is writer, editor, and devoted bookworm based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While he currently is the Senior Editor for content marketing agency Rehan Networks, he’s been slinging copy in various forms for more than a decade.

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