A Car Accident: Honda SUV destroys McLaren 570s on Woodward Ave

A Honda SUV in southeast Michigan crashed into a heavily modified McLaren 570S while on its way out of Michigan in early July. Thanks to the feat of modern cameras on board, we were able to follow the progress of the accident.

According to the description on Wapcar Automotive News, this crash took place on July 7 at the intersection of Woodward Ave and 14 Mile Road in Birmingham, Michigan. The area is an affluent suburb just outside of Detroit and home to many of the metro area’s high-priced sports cars. The accident happened at a traffic light, just off the left side of busy Michigan. The owner of a Rivian R1T was parked along Woodward just ahead to the left of this particular Michigan, which allowed the truck’s camera system to capture the incident.

Video shows oncoming traffic waiting for lights on Woodward Avenue as the Honda enters the left lane of Michigan. These corners, especially in Woodward, tend to be very long yellow. The Honda driver appeared to start turning when the oncoming traffic signal turned green. This type of maneuver is very common in the Detroit metro area due to the red liners set up near the Michigan Lefts, which are set up to try to prevent accidents of this type. The McLaren 570 shows up in the video at a fairly quick pace, which isn’t shocking as the green tends to sync up on Woodward.

As Honda turned, it hit McLaren’s hip. This took the supercar around the famous boulevard before it finally stopped a few hundred yards down the road.

While Honda drivers can be held legally responsible for the breakdown, Michigan’s no-fault insurance rules mean McLaren drivers won’t necessarily go easy on repairs. In addition, the video depicts that the driver of the supercar had just fitted a bunch of new parts to the car on the same day of the accident. These include a 3-stage fine-tuning engine for over 850bhp, as well as a new carbon kit.

Michigan left-hand intersections are used statewide to move traffic between divided highways, where the majority of left turns are illegal in the state. Treat these Michigan levers as legal spins, always marked with stop lights or signs to control the flow of traffic. Additionally, the area is a common place where drivers leave their car doors open more than they should, as the boulevard passes through local jurisdictions every few miles.

Use this crash as a reminder to always look ahead when approaching an intersection, because even if you have lights, you may not have a lane.

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