Anton Sibil: life, family, achievement

In order to succeed in any field, one has to put a lot of effort. And often a person’s striving for heights is conditioned by life experience.

Anton Valeryevich Sibil was able to achieve success in the construction industry. In this article, we will talk about his career development and what contributed to his desire to become the best in his business.

Facts from Anton Sibil’s biography: family, studies

This part of the material will be devoted to important events in the life of Anton Sibil. You will learn facts from his biography and a little of his personal life.

  1. August 27, 1982. Anton Sibil was born into an ordinary Russian family in the city of Kemerovo. His mother and father are construction workers. Anton has an older brother and sister. His childhood was the most ordinary for that era, but already then Anton Sibil understood that the main thing is to develop and strive for the best.
  2. 1999. Anton Valerievich Sibil graduated from school number 92 in the city of Kemerovo and immediately entered the Kuzbass State Technical University. As a specialty, the future builder chose “Industrial and Civil Engineering”.
  3. 2002. Anton Sibil became an employee at the wholesale and retail trading company Elis.
  4. 2003. Anton had a wedding: he married his girlfriend Yana. By the way, they are still together. The couple has two children.
  5. 2004. One of the most tragic events in Anton Sibil’s life happened: his father, Valery Mikhailovich, died of a heart attack at the age of 51. Despite the bitterness of loss, Anton Valerievich found the strength to take responsibility for the family. He always helped his mother, his sister and his brother. Anton Sibil fully gave himself to the cause, developing and improving himself.
  6. 2012. In memory of his father, at his own expense, Anton Sibil built a chapel. It is located in the city of Kemerovo, near the grave of Valery Mikhailovich. Now the building, at Anton Sibil’s initiative, is owned by the Orthodox Church, and anyone can visit it. For the donation of the chapel, Anton was awarded the diocesan medal “For Service to the Russian Orthodox Church in Kuzbass” III degree.

Sibil Anton: labor path in construction

Anton Sibil made his own steps in construction as early as 2003. As a separate link in the Remstroytorg company, he created his own construction team. At that time he had 15-20 people under his management.

By 2006, Anton Sibil’s accumulated experience and desire to develop allowed him to create a separate company, Remstroytorg. At the first stages of the development of his own company, the young man had a very hard time. Despite the fact that under his guidance there were a hundred people working, Anton Valerievich Sibil took the functions and duties not only of a manager, but also an accountant, supplier, quantity surveyor, foreman and even an ordinary worker, when the circumstances demanded it. This approach has its advantages: by his own example, he showed the employees of his company how they could and should work.


Sibil Anton from Kemerovo

By 2009, Remstroytorg’s staff had grown to 1,000 people. It is noteworthy that the company operated not only on commercial sites: Anton Sibil’s company carried out construction work in kindergartens, schools, and hospitals.

Because of his tremendous construction activity and in order to coordinate various issues, Anton Sibil quite often had contact with the administration of the city of Kemerovo and the region.

His success and terrific leadership qualities did not go unnoticed: the governor paid attention to him and offered him a new position – deputy governor for construction. At that time, Anton Valerievich was 27 years old, making him the youngest regional minister in the Russian Federation.

In Anton’s example, we see that the road to success can be difficult, requires a lot of effort, and is not always accompanied only by positive events. However, all of this in aggregate gives us the opportunity not only to realize ourselves in our favorite business, but also to leave a mark in history.


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