Barbie Fashionistas: how to be fashionable while saving money?

barbie fashionistas

Barbie Fashionistas:: As an established fashionista, you are certainly unbeatable on the new collections launched by designers from high fashion houses or major brands during the various fashion weeks. Whether during seasonal fashion shows, nuggets are never lacking! If you’ve fallen for certain pieces that you really want to have in your wardrobe, you don’t need to break the bank or spend all your savings on them. Avoid compulsive shopping and know how to watch for good opportunities. We explain how a fashionista can be on the cutting edge of fashion while saving money!

Buy Second-Hand Luxury Clothes From Second-Hand Stores

To wear the latest trends without finding yourself exposedopt for second-hand luxury clothes that you can find in physical stores or online.

Luxury Items At Low Prices

Second-hand luxury clothing stores offer you authentic rare pearls at very attractive prices. Most of the luxury pieces for sale come from people who bought them for exorbitant prices and who want to resell them because they no longer use them.

Did you think that dresses, suits, or coats you have a crush on would cost you thousands of dollars? Via the second-hand channel, these items are resold to you at a low price by their first buyers. For these, it is certainly better to recover currencies on unused luxury clothes, rather than leaving them to rest in the back of the cupboards!

Similarly, some tenants or owners of second-hand stores display high-end clothing acquired during pop-up stores (ephemeral shops) or in limited-edition collections. When shopping at second-hand stores, chances are you’ll come across Givenchy shoes worn by celebrities. It is also not excluded that you get Cartier jewelry and other luxury accessories from your favorite influencers!

Authentic Fashion, With A Human And Ecological Dimension

For people who want to be sure to buy luxury, ask for the certificates of authenticity kept by the first buyers. And, contrary to the practice observed in luxury brands, you can, in a friendly atmosphere, negotiate prices in second-hand stores.

Moreover, second-hand luxury clothing purchases are eco-friendly. In a society of overconsumption where fast fashion is very popular, you reduce the ecological impact of your clothing consumption by preferring second-hand shops. Beyond its prices that allow you to save, second-hand fashion is virtuous and sustainable. It makes it possible to develop recycling and recovery, essential to preserve the planet.

Invest In Classic Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style

Investing in luxury pieces pays off if they are timeless. That’s why you should favor vintage pieces that remain timeless, regardless of the era. You can bring them out at any time because their success remains. They allow you to be always fashionable while saving because you no longer need to buy each new collection release. Combining perfectly with the new arrivals, your Chanel 2.55 bag or your Hermès Birkin will allow you to compose an elegant and fresh look, with classic!

In addition, classic luxury pieces are very popular; they, therefore, increase in value when they are even older. If you wish, you can even become a collector and proudly display your jewels or resell them to the highest bidders. You will therefore certainly make good deals by buying classic pieces!

Look For Sales, Discounts When Shopping Online Or In Store

Luxury fashion is open to everyone, as long as you know how to seek out the right opportunities and have patience. The sales are precisely the perfect time to buy at reasonable prices the luxury pieces that have been catching your eye for a long time. You can also take advantage of Black Friday to get great discounts on your online or in-store purchases. Regularly, flash offers and coupon codes are also available to help you make purchases at low prices.

You now have the cards in hand to express your love for fashion and demonstrate your fashionista talents, while saving!


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