The 6 Best Unicorn Dresses

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Unicorns have become a symbol of magic, dream, and fairyland. They invade our daily lives in all forms and especially as patterns on clothes. Among them, dresses bearing the image of these legendary creatures are on the rise. So here is our selection of the 6 best dresses on unicorns, for all occasions and all ages.

The Unicorn Dress For Little Girls

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The unicorn dress for little girls is the perfect choice for the youngest lovers of these fantastic creatures. With colorful patterns and comfortable materials, these dresses are ideal for birthday parties, costume balls or simply to bring a touch of originality to everyday life. The models vary between short-sleeved dresses for sunny days and long-sleeved dresses for cooler days. You can also opt for models with tulle petticoats for an even more magical effect. Brands like Disney,  Petit Bateau, and offers unicorn dresses for little girls, often associated with cartoon characters.

Unicorn Pattern Robe

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For cocooning moments at home, the unicorn motif dressing gown is a must. Made of fleece or cotton, it ensures maximum comfort while displaying your love for unicorns. With a hood decorated with the head of a unicorn, this dressing gown will allow you to wrap yourself in a cozy cocoon. The models available offer numerous variations of colors and sizes, to suit all preferences. Brands like Primark and Etam are famous for their unicorn-patterned dressing gowns both for kids and adults.

Unicorn Dresses At H&M

H&M is a brand recognized for its trendy and affordable clothing. It offers a wide range of unicorn dresses for children and adults. Varied designs include lightweight summer dresses, long-sleeved dresses, and knit dresses for cooler days. Unicorn designs are often accompanied by clouds, stars, and rainbows for a magical, dreamlike vibe. In addition, H&M is committed to ethical and responsible fashion by offering organic cotton clothing. Do not hesitate to regularly consult their website or their mobile application to discover the novelties and promotional offers on unicorn dresses.

Unicorn Princess Dress

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Ideal for a birthday, a wedding, or a costume party, the unicorn princess dress combines elegance and fantasy. With its unicorn embroideryvoluminous petticoats, and sparkling details, this dress is a real dream for little and big princesses. The more elaborate designs even feature tiaras or unicorn horns to complete the look. The colors available range from pastel pink to intense purple, passing through shades of silver and gold for an even more magical effect. Independent creators on platforms like Etsy and Amazon Handmade offers bespoke unicorn princess dresses, for a unique and personalized result.

The Unicorn Dress For Adult Women

Unicorn dresses aren’t just for kids! Adult women can also succumb to the magic of these creatures by wearing a unicorn dress. Models for adults are often more sober and elegant, with more discreet unicorn patterns and pastel colors. Whether you are looking for a dress for a casual evening or a more formal event, you will certainly find the unicorn dress that suits your tastes. Brands like Desigual and Asos offer unicorn dresses for adults in different styles and sizes. For a touch of originality, you can also opt for a unicorn dress decorated with sequins or pearls.

Unicorn Dress Costume

Finally, for cosplay fans, costume parties, or simply for a touch of originality during an evening with friends, the unicorn dress costume is a bold and fun choice. Available for children and adults, this costume consists of a dress with unicorn motifs and a headdress representing the head of the creature. The more elaborate models include tulle wings and petticoats for an even more enchanting effect. Specialty costume stores, such as Party City and, offer a wide selection of unicorn dress-up costumes for all budgets.

Finally, we have seen that unicorn-themed dresses are available for all ages, all occasions, and all budgets. Don’t hesitate to fall for one of these 6 best dresses on unicorns to bring a touch of magic to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a dress for a party, fancy dress or everyday wear, unicorns are sure to brighten up your outfit and catch the eye.


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