Buying a new car or a used one in Malaysia?

Wapcar Automotive News – This is the question that will cross the mind of anyone thinking about buying a car – should you buy a new car or go to a used car market? Taking Perodua’s new car and Perodua’s second-hand car as examples, we can see if Perodua second hand car price would be more affordable than that of new ones.

The lure of a new car in a showroom is understandable, given the prospect of a car that you will be the first owner of. On the other hand, buying secondhand often offers a significant price advantage; Here we list the pros and cons of each approach.

New car – warranty benefits and sometimes pay more

The first benefit of buying new is the most obvious – you’ll get a car that hasn’t been in someone else’s name, which means you, the owner, will enjoy the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Some even offer free maintenance for a period of time, and since the vehicle is practically new this is the time in the vehicle’s life when things are less likely to go wrong. best. If there’s a problem, the warranty coverage means you can send it to the dealer it came to and the problem is fixed for free. For those who take this route, it offers the best level of safety, especially for new car owners or those who are not confident to deal with the complex operations of cars.

Buying new also means you’re in the best position to get the latest equipment available for your car, including a vital safety kit. For consumer electronics enthusiasts, new cars are also the ones most likely to get the latest kit. However, all of these benefits come at a price; The biggest drop in the resale value of a car occurs right after it leaves the showroom.

Used Cars – Save on prices when they’re new and available immediately

This big financial hit that a new car owner gets is the first benefit of buying a used car; someone else has borne his devaluation for you. The entry price will be less prohibitive, and if you do end up selling the car back, it will be easier for you to recover the money you invested in it.

Diversity is the second biggest advantage of buying in the used market. Looking at older cars means you’ll be able to browse the number of models that are no longer for sale, adding to your potential selection beyond the near-new models as well. a bargain compared to brand-new models. 

Also, if you have a taste for cars from previous generations because “they don’t make them the way they used to be”, then this is your chance!

The biggest advantage of buying a used car in 2022 now is its immediate availability. The economy’s reopening after the easing of pandemic restrictions means demand for new cars is up, and while the backlog of orders is still good for business, it is adding to the burden on manufacturers who are working hard because of the ongoing chip shortage. which means that the long queues are getting longer and longer. Do you think a waiting a month is a bad thing? Some have to wait years.

You won’t have to wait that long to buy a used car. Inventory is placed in lots and all you need to buy is documents, fill out a form, and if you’re taking out a loan, wait for the bank’s approval. If you are buying with cash, you can run out of lots in a flash!

Higher maintenance costs, loan interest; more likely hidden problems

For the bargain price of buying used, there are some downsides. If you’re buying on a loan, older cars tend to have higher upfront requirements as well as higher interest rates. Depending on the length of your loan, you may even pay more for a used car than for a new car in the long run.

The true condition of a used car is also difficult to determine unless you have a mechanic with experience in towing, and even then the process of inspecting or driving the used car. tend to be brief, and often too short for problems to arise. Used cars will not have the manufacturer’s warranty, and any parts that are about to fail are up to the next owner to sort out when they do. It is a fact that second-hand cars are more difficult to insure, especially if they were launched more than a decade ago.

However, there is a better way to navigate in the vast field of used cars; you can buy it at myTukar Auto Fair 2022, then it will arrive in Puchong South, July 1-3. The upcoming event follows the previous run of the myTukar Auto Fair 2022 event in Plentong, Johor over the weekend.

Purchasing a vehicle at the myTukar Auto Show 2022 comes with the assurance that each myTukar certified vehicle has undergone a thorough 160-point inspection, ensuring no mileage tampering and vehicle damage, major accident, fire, and flood damage. On top of that, every myTukar certified vehicle undergoes a thorough refurbishment and refurbishment process to ensure that it stays like new. 

If you buy a car at the fair, a reward of up to RM800,000 is waiting for you! There are also special offers including a low 1.88% interest rate on the first 150 bookings and a raffle prize of RM12,000.

For your peace of mind to participate in the event, myTukar Motor Show 2022 continues to implement measures to prevent Covid-19; There is no longer a need for physical distancing, although a mask is still required at all times. The event team will be on hand on a regular basis to clean the entire venue, including the high-touch devices as well as the common facilities and the car itself.

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