Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Owner Reviews: How Does it Comes with Pros and Cons?

Motivation, purpose and comparison of bikes
I’m a 50-something, 30-year veteran of motorcycling, and my choice of bike was based on looks and colour, so I didn’t look at any other brands or models(Harga Ducati Scrambler Sixty2). Normally, I only use it for commuting in the city and only on rare occasions for day trips (200-500km), but in March this year (2020), after about three years of ownership and only about 7,700km of riding, I sold it for financial reasons.

1. The refined design of the bike not only blends classic and modern, but also adds a modern mechanical aesthetic, which is very different from the newer models that have recently gone for sharp lines and technology. 2. Even though it has a displacement of only 400cc, you can still feel the pulsing engine unique to the DUCATI model when riding it. 3. Although the Sixty2 has the worst output power compared to the 800cc engine in the same family and does not weigh much less, this power output is just the right level for a throwback rider like me.

The dashboard display is not bright enough. When switching between directional lights, you have to look away from the road to check the dashboard. 2. The fifth gear to sixth gear is not going in (usually happens on highway rides and the first time it goes to sixth gear that day, but after 4000km, this problem rarely happens, instead it is difficult to go back to second gear in third gear…) 3. The engine is very hot and sometimes you need to change the foot support when stopping for traffic lights in summer. 4. The maintenance cost is a bit high, not including other consumables (oil, oil filter and brake fluid change alone costs about 50,000 yen a year). 5. This is my personal problem: there are too few dealers! If you don’t live in a big city, then this is something to consider.

Advice for prospective buyers
1. It’s easy to ride and safe, but also has a very distinctive look, and I think it’s very attractive in the 400cc class. 2. In the three years I’ve owned it, I’ve had no major problems with the bike itself, apart from the usual consumables. 3. Although it is only 400cc, it is not much cheaper than the 800cc SCRAMBLER, so if you don’t care about the extra tax, I would suggest going for the 800cc.

Future Modification Plans
I have thought about changing the off-road tyres to improve the off-road style, but unfortunately the bike has been sold and I still haven’t achieved it.


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