What You Need to Know About Gozo Jeroboam Perfumes

When it comes to Gozo Jeroboam Perfume, there are several things that you should know. First, you should know that the brand is run by Francois Henin. He’s a perfume entrepreneur and a world traveler. Often seen with his suitcase and always looking for a new aromatic adventure, he is constantly exploring ingredients to create the perfect fragrance.


Despite its name, Jeroboam Perfumes is not for everyone. In fact, most of the names of the perfumes are in Esperanto, the language invented by a Polish optician in the 19th century. It has a strong masculine aroma, with notes of esoteric musk and vanilla.

The initial Jeroboam fragrance was called Origino, which reflects the brand’s musky urban conceptualism. Its musky composition is rich and complex with spice and balmy woods. The scent is so complex that it can only be appreciated by an expert.

The perfume is presented in an elegant bottle. The bottle is made of glossy white or orange glass, with a gold top. The bottle is decorated with elegant golden writing, which evokes Belle Epoque imagery. The perfumes are presented in a 30-ml size. The fragrance was created by Vanina Muracciole to be a versatile and unique scent for urban nomads.

Origino is a resolutely masculine extract

Jeroboam Origino is a distinctly masculine fragrance with woody floral notes that are paired with a musk base. The fragrance’s signature bass accord is accompanied by floral notes of saffron, musk, and rose. This masculine fragrance is best worn during the cooler months.

Its male extract is based on a blend of amber, musks, vetiver, and saffron. It opens with smoky leather and citrus notes before settling down to a warm woody, sultry heart.

Origino is a cocktail of musks

Gozo Jeroboam Origino is reminiscent of a cocktail of musks and the fragrance is a cocktail of mystery and romance. It was created by Francois Henin, founder of Jovoy niche perfumes, who wanted to create scents that stayed on your skin for a long time and had a story behind them. Origino is Henin’s first creation, and consists of a blend of mysterious musks. It was created in collaboration with perfumer Vanina Muracciole, who was also responsible for the creation of the scent’s first release.

Jeroboam Origino is a woody, spicy floral fragrance with a base of musks and precious woods. It also includes modern notes of ambroxan. French perfumer Francois Henin once asked perfumer Vanina Muracciole: “Can I smell musks?” Muracciole replied: “I can smell musks.” The scent is one of the most unique and versatile scents on the market, with its richness and complexity of aromas.

Scent Split rebottles the genuine fragrance into smaller bottles

The genuine Gozo Jeroboam fragrance is now available in smaller bottles, thanks to a new company called Scent Split. This company was created by perfumer Francois Henin, who has an adventurous spirit and a suitcase full of fragrant ingredients. He has created numerous offshoots from his popular Jovoy perfume boutiques and is always on the lookout for new scents and ingredients.

The new line from Scent Split rebottles the Gozo fragrance into smaller bottles and makes it more affordable. The fragrance is very ‘Jeroboam-like’, and includes notes of musk and tobacco. Other notes include vetiver, tonka bean, and vanilla. It’s available for purchase online at Alla Violetta Boutique, at single-stores, and through auction sites.

Origino is a long-lasting extract

Oriento is an iconic JEROBOAM fragrance with a scent that lasts all day. The aroma begins with lemon and saffron before spiraling into a floral bouquet of roses and ylang-ylang. This long-lasting fragrance is a must-try for men and women.

The origin of the brand is in Jovoy, a small niche perfumery founded by Francois Henin in 2015. The founder of Jovoy was looking for perfumes that would last for a long time and have a story behind them. Origino is Henin’s first fragrance, and the brand credits Vanina Muracciole with conceptualizing and producing the fragrance.

The brand also has a range of male fragrances. Jeroboam Vespero Extrait de Parfum is a scent for the urban night owl. It opens with fresh citrus notes and a rich, musky heart. The fragrance is both masculine and sensual and is perfect for men.


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