Toyota Hilux AT44 6×6 from Arctic Trucks is an Antarctic ready monster truck

These custom Arctic Trucks are some of the toughest off-road vehicles in the world.

If you live in Antarctica, driving is a tedious job. But thanks to the Arctic Truck, that’s not impossible. The only vehicles you are allowed to drive in Antarctica are sold by Arctic Trucks. The next step from the Icelandic company is an extreme off-road version of the Toyota Hilux. Compared to other car models of Toyota, there is no doubt that the Hilux is a member among the most popular ones in the list.  With a heritage spanning decades, Hilux has always stood for reliability. 

Renowned for their reliability and durability, Hilux models can withstand extreme performance. And it makes Toyota Hilux price Philippines more reasonable for its customers. With such a reliable portfolio, it’s no surprise that Arctic Trucks has relied on Hilux models since 2010.

These custom Arctic Trucks are some of the toughest off-road vehicles in the world. How are you? Strong enough to conquer the icy terrains of Antarctica. What makes this Toyota Hilux AT44 6×6 so special? Let’s find out together.

Here’s a look at the Toyota Hilux AT44 from Arctic Trucks. Toyota Hilux AT44 is a famous legend in Antarctica. Antarctica, the place where It was first in 2010, and since then, it has been a mainstay ever since. Custom off-road vehicles are used as a support vehicle during major expeditions. This is due to its powerful nature. Toyota Hilux AT44 boasts a whopping weight of more than 3.5 tons. Its weight makes the Hilux AT44 a solid choice for Crane Solutions. 

While the Crane Solution may not be a requirement in most parts of the world, in Antarctica it is quite the opposite. In areas where the fuel drums are air-dropped, the Arctic Hilux AT44 is used as a crane solution for transporting drums from one location to another. The custom Hilux was also used in a successful rescue operation a few years ago.

The Arctic Truck delivers impeccable performance thanks to a 171-horsepower 3.0L Common Rail Diesel engine that meets EURO 5 standards. It has a 5-speed automatic transmission and 145 gallons of fuel capacity. Manufacturers add power outlets upon request.

Toyota Hilux AT44 is not just a truck. In addition to all its great features, the Hilux AT44 is also capable of melting snow. This unique feature sometimes makes it a lifesaver if you are in Antarctica. The arid climate makes it important for Antarctic residents and visitors to provide body water. Created by the company’s R&D team to save customers time and money, the frother or water generator melts snow quickly and efficiently, while minimizing usage. gas stove. Depending on the manufacturer, it works as a standalone unit or can be connected to the truck via a winch cable connection.

In places like Antarctica, space capacity and weight are limited. Arctic Trucks designed the Hilux AT44 to address space and weight issues. He is a versatile demon. Toyota Hilux AT44 can also be used as a push bar. Posts for cranes and equipment can be attached to the AT44’s towbar. The pole push feature helps push the AT44 through the snow and makes it easier to grip the road.

If you want more from the Toyota Hilux AT44 in terms of ability, Arctic Trucks has something to offer the vehicle a little more capability for long expeditions. The Icelandic company designs and manufactures additional trailers for the Toyota Hilux AT44.

The AT trailer is identical to the Toyota Hilux AT44 in many respects, including bearings, shock absorbers, tires and wheels. With a payload capacity of over 1.4 tons, the trailer is robust and designed to survive the harsh conditions of Antarctica, like the AT44.


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