How To Gain Followers On Social Networks

How To Gain Followers On Social Networks

How to gain followers on social networks is a question that many companies consider to work on their digital branding. The most important social networks are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,  but we must also be aware of other interesting ones such as Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat , which can also be good web traffic channels . That is why we are going to see how we attract new followers in each one.

How to gain followers on Facebook?

We start our guide on how to gain followers on social networks with the most important at the moment,  Facebook . Next, we are going to give a series of tips to increase your followers on Facebook.

Share posts in Facebook groups

Groups on Facebook are very useful to attract new followers and to get visits to our website. What we must do is look for groups related to our business.

People use groups to share their own news but if we share interesting content we can generate interaction, earning a certain reputation. We must share regularly since it is important that a publication of ours always appears.

See what’s trending

The viral always has more impact than the daily news. Viral Facebook pages are some of the most liked and fanned. Using content that everyone is talking about can increase the impact of our content.

Be persistent and consistent

It is perhaps the most important element to be successful in social networks. Although it may seem easy, consistency is more complicated than you think. We must share regularly and plan it. Everything has to be coldly calculated.

Consistency is what has made many entrepreneurs successful on the networks. If someone is interested in following us, they will surely notice the regularity of the publications on our wall. The user has been perfecting his tastes each time and has learned how to use social networks to get the most out of them.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are   a safe and efficient tool to get followers on Facebook, although they have the drawback that we have to pay to get them. However, it is possibly the fastest way to make ourselves known and attract new potential customers.

Run sweepstakes on Facebook

We have all seen how effective giveaways are. They are not only good for getting followers but also for generating engagement on your posts.

Facebook  doesn’t think highly of all sweepstakes that require the user to like, share, and tag. So we have to be careful when we do it.

We recommend using some of the tools out there to give you more clarity.

Invite your contacts

A good strategy is to invite family, friends or acquaintances to our Facebook fan page, especially at the beginning, when we still don’t have many followers. It is easier for people to start following us if we already have a base of followers, and for that it is best to invite.

How to gain followers on Instagram?

Although it belongs to Facebook, Instagram maintains its own features to gain followers. We are going to see some tricks that can be very useful.

Upload quality photos and videos

Gone are the days of seeing blurry photos and videos. Now practically all mobile phones have a good camera with good resolution to be able to generate good quality photos.

Not taking care of the quality of our publications can damage the image of our brand. We must take care of all the details because nowadays everything communicates.

Find the Interaction

Try to give as many likes as possible on Instagram. Likes are one of your tools to show our name. And it is an unlimited tool. Therefore we must use it. Every like is a new opportunity to follow.

Exploit all the possibilities offered by the platform

To get followers for Instagram, we must also explore and understand all the possibilities of this platform. Therefore, it is important to use hashtags, use Instagram stories, which sells more and which generates more interaction are some of the questions.

We must bear in mind that each situation is different and not everyone is served the same things.

Follow all persons of interest

There are two types of  limits on Instagram  to be able to follow other people and accounts:

  1. You cannot follow more than 40 people per hour.
  2. You cannot follow more than 1250 people per day.

This is the follow back strategy, that is, I follow you and in return you follow me back. This technique usually gives very good results in the short term. The only thing we must be careful about is selecting who we follow so that it is the most similar to our typical client.

Be smart using hashtags

There are people who use all possible hashtags, even #hashtags that do not correspond to their field. They do everything so that their photos appear everywhere.

Don’t give the user posts they won’t want. Use the hashtags  that correspond to you and do not abuse them so much.

Stories, a key element

Instagram stories  are not only here to stay but they have pushed aside the noise that Snapchat had made with its application.

You can send the ones you want, you can communicate with your audience, do surveys, put filters, emoticons, WHATEVER YOU WANT.

If your brand, company or entrepreneurship allows it, using them is mandatory. You can even sell with them.

How to gain followers on Twitter?

The best strategies to gain more followers on Twitter are:

Customize the profile

Personalizing the profile is useful in all social networks, the more information and value we can provide to the user. There are many companies that do not take advantage of the potential of these social networks and do not know how to make themselves known.

Try to know all the details that you can modify to give more prestige to your profile.

Follow profiles of interest

On Instagram as on Twitter, the more people you follow the better. On Twitter it is now much easier to delete manually, since it tells you which user follows you and which user does not.

If you want to have a “clean” Twitter to see all the chronology that interests you, we recommend:

  1. Create a list with your interests.
  2. Make a new Twitter.

Automate content

Another action that raises the level of social networks is to automate. On both Twitter and Facebook, using a management tool can save your life. This can save us a lot of time to dedicate to any of the other actions.


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