Construction Site Managers Need to Know the Role of Proper Lighting in Improving Efficiency

Construction Site Managers Need to Know the Role of Proper Lighting in Improving Efficiency

Construction sites are some of the most challenging work environments and are in no way less hazardous than activities like mining and deep-sea fishing as well as oil extraction. 

Of course, all such activities present their own set of challenges to the personnel working there, and likewise, construction activity also has its own set of challenges. 

We need to remember that construction projects have very strict completion timelines failing which, they get heavily penalized. 

Therefore, in most construction projects we see personnel working round-the-clock which includes working at night when it is totally dark. 

Understandably, the role of streamer lights at the construction site becomes extremely important here but one also needs to understand the exact lighting requirement at specific construction sites. 

Also, it is important to understand that lighting requirements are not just for the dark hours of the night. Many areas of a construction site also need lighting during the daytime as well. 

To understand that one needs to step into the boots of a construction worker especially those who work in the dark sections of the structure that is being built. Without optimum temporary lighting, it would be impossible to work in such areas. 

What makes lighting so critical on a construction site? 

To begin with, every construction site is a messy place with trenches and pits with a whole lot of steel scaffoldings, rods, and different other hazardous objects strewn all over the area. 

In addition to that, there are construction equipment and machinery of all sizes from giant excavators, cranes, bulldozers, hoe loaders, concrete mixers, and a lot more. 

With all these structures all over the place, there are going to be many areas that won’t have adequate lighting even during the daytime. 

Workers in these areas will require uninterrupted lighting for which your generators must be connected to high-quality accessories like generator extension chords and other critical components. 

The different types of lighting for work environments 

When we speak of electric lighting there are different types that are used for a number of applications ranging from domestic use to commercial and industrial uses. 

Hence, there is incandescent lighting for homes and fluorescent lighting for offices. As we move towards heavier industrial-scale applications, the type of lighting changes to mercury, sodium, metal halide, and light-emitting diodes (LED). 

This kind of lighting has its own range of uses such as general lighting connected with NEMA 5 15 generator power cables that provide uniform coverage over larger areas. 

Then there is localized-general lighting which basically amplifies the general lighting. Finally, we have the localized type of lighting that is purely task-oriented and something that is ideal for work environments. 

It is important to ensure excellent lighting infrastructure 

In addition to the hazards posed by mechanical and metallic components and debris all over the construction site, the generation, supply, and distribution of power in the area is also a major hazard. 

Unless you have a good quality generator power extension cord like NEMA 14-30, you will always be exposed to the risk of power short circuits. 

When you source your electric power supply accessories from renowned brands like Duraline, you are assured of top-quality products offering maximum safety. 


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