Signs It’s Time to Hire a Disability Attorney

The American disability insurance system was created to help people who can no longer work maintain a decent quality of life. Unfortunately, the system is difficult to navigate, and most disabled people must file multiple claims before receiving benefits.

Hiring a disability attorney can simplify the process for disabled people and increase the chances of getting the benefits they are entitled to receive, yet many people are hesitant about getting lawyers involved. Read on to find out about a few of the signs it’s time to hire a disability attorney.

A Claim Has Been Denied

Having a disability claim get denied isn’t the end of the road for people who can no longer work. An incredible number of claims are initially denied, but with the help of an opers disability attorney are approved. Attorneys can help Ohio residents file appeals and even provide representation during disability hearings, which can make a big difference when it comes to determining whether a case will be approved.

Lack of Understanding

Disabled people who don’t understand the state’s disability system face all kinds of hurdles, including everything from missed deadlines to incorrectly filed paperwork. Even one minor mistake can be enough to get a claim denied, so anyone who is struggling to understand the claim filing process should seek legal help. A disability lawyer can explain terms and the claims process, making it easier for confused clients to navigate the complex system.

The Case Is at a Standstill

It can take a good deal of time to get a disability claim approved or denied, which can be incredibly frustrating for those who are relying on receiving benefits to pay rent, buy groceries, and account for other basic needs. Attorneys can sometimes push disability cases through the system faster, especially when a client’s medical or financial situation is dire.
Working with an attorney from the very beginning of the claim-filing process is the best way to ensure that the entire ordeal moves forward as quickly and smoothly as possible. Attorneys can do things that ordinary citizens can’t, or don’t know how to do, including filing requests for on-the-record (OTR) decisions and compassionate allowances.

The Claimant Needs to Get the Money Fast

There are some circumstances in which people applying for disability benefits will suffer grievous harm if they don’t get the benefits quickly. That harm might come in the form of worsened health outcomes or losing a house that will be foreclosed on if the disabled homeowner can’t pay the bills. Hiring a lawyer is always a good idea when speed is of the essence.

When Not to Hire a Lawyer

The only time it’s not appropriate to hire a lawyer is immediately after filing a claim. It’s usually worth waiting to see if the claim is approved before hiring a lawyer. While most disability lawyers charge only reasonable contingency fees, no one wants to pay for the help they didn’t wind up needing. In all other cases, though, hiring a disability attorney is a good idea.


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