How Can License Plate Recognition Help Your Business?

license plate recognition

Automatic license plate readers and recognition systems aren’t only for law enforcement anymore. Many businesses are purchasing ALPR cameras to capture license plates outside their establishments. Data collected from the device shows risks around the building, allowing business owners to take immediate action to protect everyone on the property. Continue reading to learn how ALPR technology can help your business.

Capture Data for Known Perpetrators

Government data offers a full list of known perpetrators who present risks. Businesses that use license plate recognition track risky customers. The company notifies the police after they receive an alert from the system. These alerts show information about dangerous individuals on the premises. Traffic ALPRs use the same technology, and it’s now available to businesses.

license plate recognition

Better Access Control Results

Companies use access control systems with ALDRs to capture data and block risks. Businesses use the data to make white and blacklists based on the risks. Whitelists show everyone allowed in the building while blacklists show everyone not permitted on the property. Fast data access helps owners shut down doors and prevent unwanted entries.

Tracking Carpool Vehicles

Many organizations set up carpooling services. All carpool vehicles have a decal that ALDRs read and verify. These systems detect unauthorized vehicles in designated parking lots. The owner or administrator receives an alert to the violation. After receiving the alerts, security has the vehicles removed from the premises.

Increase the Odds of Catching a Burglar

Some surveillance cameras remain stationary and don’t capture all the footage. They don’t move or adjust according to movements. After a break-in or burglary, companies need information about the perpetrators. ALDRs capture vehicle tag data, and officers track the criminal. The devices zoom in on the vehicle tag and collect the number. Officers send the information to a database to find the criminal’s identity. Even if they can’t see the perpetrator’s face clearly, the tag number shows who owns the car. They can find the car and pinpoint the burglar’s location.

Officers use All Points Bulletins to find these vehicles. ALPRs on their vehicles collect data from passing cars and parking lots. An alert generates when the system locates the car. All officers in the area receive notification and apprehend the criminals.

Choose the Right ALPR Cameras

Business owners have two primary options for ALPR cameras for their businesses. Black and white cameras offer one sensor, and the second choice is a color camera with two sensors. Businesses install black and white cameras in fixed locations. These cameras have limitations and don’t capture everything in the space. Color cameras have two sensors, and they aren’t installed in one fixed position. Owners can adjust the color cameras to meet their needs and mitigate risks.

ALPRs and cameras are vital to today’s security surveillance systems. The products offer heightened security for all businesses. ALPRs and cameras improve security with advanced technology. Collected data helps business owners protect workers and their property from dangerous individuals. Speak to a vendor about getting ALPRs and technology to protect your investments.


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