What Can You Expect When Using Access Control Systems

access control systems

All businesses must have measures in place to secure their building and prevent unauthorized individuals from getting in. An access control system offers control panels for each door, and workers must use keycards to enter the building or access other areas of the property. Continue reading to find about more about what to expect when using these security systems.

Automating Door Management

The access control systems offer door management automation, and the systems scan information from keycards to determine which workers are authorized to open each               door in the building. These systems eliminate the need for keys, and the database shows information about each worker that enters the building. If any worker attempts to open a door without authorization, the access control panel won’t open the door. Network administrators receive a full log of all the comings and goings of all workers.

access control systems

Reporting Any Attempts to Enter the Building

Any attempt to open the doors sends an alert to the business owner and the network administrator. These records might help business owners identify potential risks to the business or workers, and they can increase security measures around the property. The access control panels are connected to the security surveillance system, and the network administrator can review the footage for each entry attempt. All information is sent to law enforcement as needed to identify and track down these perpetrators.

Setting Up Keycards and Badges

Network administrators program each keycard to include the worker’s name and their roles in the organization. Each card has permissions and authorizations based on where the worker can go in the building, and the card data determines if they are allowed to enter restricted areas. Badges are also used with access control panels, and some companies may choose to use coded badges to give workers access to the correct areas of the building.

Multi-Access Keycards for Owners and Executives

Multi-access keycards or badges are assigned to the business owner and executives in the organizations, and these workers have access to all areas of the property. Administrators can track the whereabouts of these individuals to find them quickly when upper management is required for any given situation. Vendors can provide business owners with keycards, badges, and other products to improve security.

Security Mitigation Improvements

Security mitigation improvements keep everyone safe on the commercial property, and employers can offer all workers a safer workplace. Access control panel systems are used to lock down the building during serious events and after the business has closed for the day. Managing who gets into the building and where they go helps companies prevent visitors from posing a risk to workers and the business. Network administrators can also deactivate badges and keycards that were lost.

Access control systems are beneficial in mitigating serious risks to businesses, and business owners’ control who enters their business. All workers use keycards and badges to enter the building and their workspace, and network administrators track all movements inside the building. Speak to a vendor about the latest models and why an access control system can improve your business.


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