How To Start Numbering Your Pages (As An Instance) Web Page 3

In extra formal texts, including thesis and dissertation, it is common that the web page quantity starts offevolved with the creation or history simplest. In different words, pages that include your name, summary, and desk of contents are normally now not numbered.

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This step-via-step guide explains the way to begin numbering your pages, for example, web page 3. Note that where you begin numbering your pages depends on your precise textual content and what layout is required.

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The manual is made for the cutting-edge model of MS Word for both PC and Mac.


  1. Start by clicking on Show section breaks.
  2. Place the cursor after the text at the web page that must be the closing page without the page quantity, for example, the desk of contents.
  3. Click on the Layout tab. Choose Breaks → Section Breaks → Next Page.
  4. Place the cursor at the web page where page numbering should start (ie phase two within the report).
  5. Click on the Insert tab and page variety. Select a position and style for pagination.
  6. Click on the lowest of the page to set off the Header and Footer menu. Deactivate the preceding link and check that the unique first page is unchecked.
  7. To make sure your pages begin at 1, go to the Insert tab → Page Number. Choose Format Page Numbering… → Page Numbering → Start at and add 1.
  8. Delete manually by double-clicking the page numbers on the first pages of Section 1 and then deleting them.
  9. That’s it, you are executed. Great!

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Word: How to begin page numbering on page three?

03/01/2011 with the aid of Sarah Winter

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If you want to start page numbering on web page three of a Microsoft Office Word* record, you want to split your file into sections. The following steps provide you with screenshots to take you via the technique.

Step 1: Separate Your Ms. Word File Into Sections

To insert web page numbers past page three, you need to cut up your document into sections.

On the second page, set the cursor on the quit of the textual content.

Click on the tab named “Layout”. You’ll discover the “Breaks” and “Section Breaks” buttons inside the drop-down list. Select “Next Page”.

Now go to web page three and open the footer. The tab “Design” will seem inside the menu.

Deactivate the choice “Link to Previous”.

Step 2: Enter Page Range

Time Required: 2 minutes.

You need to insert page numbers after splitting your MS Word file into sections

Place cursor in the footer of web page three

How to insert page number (c) Screenshot

choose your preferred design

By default, MS Word inserts the page-wide variety three. If you need to begin page numbering from 1, continue with the following steps.

Click on “Format Page Number”

Change the “On Start” page variety to any variety you like (c) Screenshot

Select “Start”

Select “Start” and enter the web page quantity you want to start.

If you need to start web page numbering on web page 2, comply with the instructions and set the cursor on the cease of the text on the primary page.

Step-by means of-Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the first page that you want to have a numbered page.
  2. At the top of the page, earlier than the first line/word, click on the record to locate your cursor.
  3. Then select Page Layout from the pinnacle menu. Select Next Break – Next Page.
  4. Now choose Insert from the pinnacle menu and then select Page Numbers after which choose how you want them to appear inside the file.
  5. Now highlight the web page variety on which you want to begin numbering. From the Header and Footer Tools menu, unclick Link to Previous.
  6. With the number nonetheless highlighted, pick out Page Number from the pinnacle menu, then pick out Format Page Number. Under Page Numbering, pick Start At after which select a starting range.

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