11 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With A Public Health Degree

There are a number of job opportunities you can get if you pursue your career as a Public Health care Provider or a worker. Hence, to enable you to set your goals higher, we have enlisted 11 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get with a Public Health Degree.


  • Public Health Attorney

A Public Health Attorney acts as a legal advisor and an advocate who proves through law and order of Public Health in dealings respected towards the people and organisations that challenge them. However, this is one of the highest-paid public health Jobs, reported by Peter Davis medical practitioner from Do My Assignment For Me UK.

Education: Most Public Health Attorney possesses two degrees that are a doctorate and a Master of Science degree in Public Health.

Average Annual Salary: A Public Health Attorney can earn a sum of around $122,960.


  • Demographer

A demographer makes statistical reports analyses in Public Health; they focus on “What” the reports declare and deeply investigate why it happened, and hence play a key role in decision-making procedures for collective welfare.

Education: For a junior-level Demographer position, the candidate can qualify with a bachelor’s degree. However, for an associate or senior demographer, the degree requires to be of a Master’s level.

Average Annual Salary: A Demographer can earn a sum of around $114,929


  • Health and Wellness Manager

Medical facilities, medical practices, and long-term/nursing care facilities hire a Health and Wellness Manager on behalf of their experience. It is also included in the highest-paid jobs in Public health.

Education: To qualify for this Job, you just need a bachelor’s degree, yet a lot of experience and a worthwhile profile can make you a better candidate for this Job.

Average Annual Salary: A health and wellness manager can earn a sum of around $100,980, communicated by fitness expert Mr Joseph Parker from postal jobs Kentucky.

  • Behavioural Health Program Coordinator

A Behavioural Health Program Coordinator is responsible for managing, troubleshooting and managing various behavioural Health Programs such as Childcare issues, education issues, Family issues, Infant issues, etc. These Health programs include especially those, which are offered by charitable organisations, local religious groups, or the government

Education: A behavioural Health Program Coordinator requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in nursing, doctorate, or any Public Health Program.

Average Annual Income: A behavioural health Program Coordinator can earn a sum of around $96,540


  • Public Health Veterinarian

A Public Health Veterinarian is responsible for working on the initiatives to protect the human and animal race from potential diseases and injuries, especially those that are spread by the animals.

Education: A medical degree or a doctor of veterinary medicine is essential to qualify for Public Health Veterinarian.

Average Annual Income: A Public Health Veterinarian can earn a sum of around $95,460


  • Public Health Engineer

A Public Health Engineer is responsible for developing policies and systems that mitigate and prevent the spread of disease and injury.

Education: An engineering degree and an associate degree in Public Health along with a licence is the best combination to qualify as a Public Health Engineer as it is a vital position that deals with health officials about Public concerns and education, implementation of plans, and policies concerning the public’s welfare.

Average Annual Income: A Public Health Engineer can earn a sum of around $91,410

  • Medical Editor

A medical editor is responsible for ensuring the error-free provision of medical journals and articles, especially those based on public health and scientific facts and figures. 

Education: A bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism and a keen interest in collecting data, Information authentication, and editing for grammar and usage are required if you want to ace as a medical editor.

Average Annual Income: A Medical Editor can earn a sum of around $88,627


  • Public Health Researcher 

A public health researcher formulates a report based on analysis and research to investigate the story of a disease in a population, as the causes and diagnosis vary from population to population.

Education: To qualify for the position of Public Health Researcher, a candidate must have a Bachelor’s in Public Health degree or associate’s degree in Public Health research, such as the study of social sciences.

Average Annual Income: A Public Health Researcher can earn a sum of around $84,003


  • Biostatistician

A biostatistician is a mathematician who filters designs and implements the stats according to medical and scientific knowledge for the welfare of patients.

Education: A biostatistician must have a bachelor’s degree in biostatistics for qualification, and yet a Master’s degree can earn a higher rank for you as a Biostatistician.

Average Annual Income: A Biostatician can earn a sum of around $81,950


  • Director of Family Health Services

A Director of Family Health service makes sure that all the requirements of the junior and senior residents are fulfilled and keeps in check the management of the Health Services Department.

Education: In the field of Public Health, a Director of Family Health Services might specialise in a particular area, such as quality improvements or paediatrics, and offer the highest salaries.

Average Annual Income: According to Rodney Crump a research writer at cheap assignment help, state the Director of Family Health services can earn a sum of around $64,680-$96,540


  • Environmental Health Officer

They are concerned with the safety and welfare of an environment for public health, and they are often called occupational health, sanitarian, or safety specialists.

Education: To qualify for this post, a candidate needs an undergraduate degree in environmental Health approved by CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

Average Annual Income: An Environmental Health Officer can earn a sum of around $75,360


There is no doubt that there are multiple opportunities in Public Health, not because of the successfulness of the career in Public Health but also because of its increasing professional potential for the welfare of mankind and prevention of a number of harmful diseases.

According to the increasing growth rate and variety of job opportunities in the Public Health Sector, pursuing your career in Public Health is worthwhile, meaningful, and impactful for success.


Janu Abbasi is writer, editor, and devoted bookworm based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While he currently is the Senior Editor for content marketing agency Rehan Networks, he’s been slinging copy in various forms for more than a decade.

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