All the Graves of the Fallen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

All the Graves of the Fallen in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Graves of the Fallen are puzzle-filled dungeons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that reward you with the most powerful weapons upon completion.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will force us to go through a huge open world map that is full of content. As we already did in Origins and Odyssey, our protagonist will have to visit very different places and face multiple challenges, such as the Tombs of the Fallen —free content added in the latest update— a kind of dungeons that will force us to face various puzzles.

The bad news is that it will not be as easy to find them or unlock the location of the places. First of all, it will be necessary for your settlement to have reached level 2. Once you have this, you should know that the only places on the map where you can find the graves are those that belong to England. Lastly, you will need to complete the Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire quests.

It is at this time that you will be able to travel to the Manio Shrine, which is south of Ravensthorpe . As you cross the river, notice that on the right there is a kind of blue-green hologram, the same one that will be marked for the first 3 graves. At the end of that area, you will find a giant map of England etched in stone with various markings in blue: those are the places you have to go.

We highly recommend taking on the challenges as the rewards are impressive: for each tomb you complete, you will receive a special weapon and Fallen Hero set pieces, as well as unlocking different tales related to the voices in Eivor’s head. If you complete them, you will also receive two trophies from the caving and cryptology game… and best of all, when you finish all 5 locations you will obtain the mythical weapon The Dazzling Sword , which has the following statistics:

  • Attack : 88
  • speed : 66
  • Stun : 141
  • Critical Chance : 108
  • Weight : 5
  • Rune Slot : 3
  • Skill : Launches an energy projectile at the target set with a light attack

Where to find the Graves of the Fallen in AC: Valhalla

Location of Boudicca’s tomb in AC: Valhalla

It is at the top of the East Anglian mountain , near Brishleah farm, next to Elmenham. To enter it, search with the crow for a rocky group in the middle of the forest and press the inspect button to enter.

When you reach the end you will find two chests , which contain the arm armor and the fallen hero boots. Look for a wooden box that is attached to the wall, break it and go through the hole that you discover to get the first artifact.

Venutius tomb location in AC: Valhalla

It is in Eurvicscire , specifically in the space between the Anlaf viewpoint and the Doncaster mountains. Help yourself with the raven to see the place and look for a rock wall with a symbol engraved on it.

You will enter an area with a system of pulleys that you have to use correctly to move forward. You will reach the chest, which contains the helmet of the fallen hero. Continue forward until you reach a well, which you will have to jump into. When you get to the bottom, shoot an ice arrow in the left area and you’ll open up a hidden path, which leads you to a giant room with a corpse holding a stone tablet (very reminiscent of Ezio’s tomb). The artifact is in the stones to the left.

Location of the tomb of Cassivellaunus in AC: Valhalla

It is between the rivers Trent and Severn , in the north of Sciropescire. Use the raven to locate the written blue symbol on a mountain, inspect it and enter the dungeon. Move forward until you reach the chest, which contains the Fallen Hero’s Breastplate. Jump onto the rock below and you’ll reach another area with pulley paths.

When you get to the top, walk until you see a wooden door, which you can open to reveal a broken bridge that you can cross with a rope. On the other side there will be another zip line, which you have to use to get down and stand in front of a waterfall : jump and dive to the bottom to get the artifact.

Location of Verica’s tomb in AC: Valhalla

It is situated to the northwest of Hampshire , below Uffentune and west of Myrddin’s Cave. When you are in the area, use the raven to see a small hillside with the blue hologram. Advance through the cave, which has a free system of zip lines and place the pillars that appear in the area on their corresponding tiles. You will have to shoot fire arrows to activate some bridges and levers. In the tomb you will find the chest containing the Hoz de Verica.

The artifact is in a path that is just to the right. Follow it until you reach an area where you have to dive and activate a mechanism that will unlock a new area.

Location of the tomb of Togodumnos in AC: Valhalla

You will find it in the south of the Wessex region, specifically in a small rocky area to the west of the Brimelif Monastery, near the beach. You will need to go through various areas diving and dodging obstacles. As in the previous one, you have to place some pillars on a series of special tiles. The tomb is at the end of a small sanctuary with worn Greek columns: there is a door that you will have to open by placing an item that you will find along the way in its center. The chest contains Togodumnus’ Bearded Axe. To get to the artifact, take the path to the left, which will take you to a small river of underground water and a waterfall: dive and look for a statue of a soldier in whose upraised hand you will see it.


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