PlayStation Plus games of the July 2022


PS Plus July 2022: Monthly free games are official – Look forward to an absolute top game for PS4/PS5. The PlayStation Plus games of the July 2022 lineup are official. We introduce you to the monthly essential games for PS4 and PS5 in more detail.

All three PS Plus games for the month of July 2022 are official and the weekend leak has come true . These games await you in the coming month if you have at least the Essential subscription:

  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time  (PS4, PS5)
  • Th Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan  (PS4)
  • Arcadegeddon  (PS4, PS5)

When are the PS Plus games available? On Tuesday 5 July 2022.

Below we present the titles in more detail so that you can decide whether the download is worthwhile for you or not.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

  • Genre: Jump’n’Run
  • Metacritics: 85

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is the direct sequel to the iconic PS1 trilogy of the cheeky bandicoot. A whole new adventure awaits you with new linear levels, new skills and new story. Crash even has fresh tricks up his sleeve now, because not only can he slow down time, but he can also reverse gravity. For this he relies on the so-called Quantum Masks, which can even talk and bring their own personality with them.

That’s why Crash 4 is so good: The great strengths of the game include not only the wacky humor, but especially the great variety that awaits you thanks to the new Quantum masks. Bouncing through the levels with Crash’s new abilities and exploring them until the last secret is revealed is just so damn fun. Crash 4 is definitely a platformer highlight that you shouldn’t miss.

Man of Medan

  • Genre: Horror Adventure
  • Metacritics: 69

In  The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan,  five young people really just want to take a little vacation on the high seas. But suddenly the motley crew embarks on a nerve-wracking scary trip through a ghost ship. In the cinematic adventure from the creators of Until Dawn, you will engage in dialogue, make decisions, and master quick-time events to survive and unravel the mystery of the ship.

The special feature is the co-op mode , with which you can experience the adventure online for two. There is also a local movie mode, where you pass the controller around in your group, so you experience the game like a playable movie together on the couch.

In the test, however, the game did rather poorly . In particular, technical problems and the outrageous story spoil the horror experience. You can find more information in the Man of Medan review .


Genre: Multiplayer Shooter
Metacritic: /

In order to save his own arcade shop from a mega corporation, hero Gilly combines all the games into one big game, which is hacked and infected with a virus. That’s why you have to team up with other players in the third-person multiplayer shooter to save the arcade.

The co-op works with up to three friends , but it can also be played alone. With a hero of your choice you can then let off steam in either PvE or PvP:

  • PvE:  A kind of horde mode, with ever new waves of enemies.
  • PvP:  Compete against other players in teams of four.

New PS Plus model now live – Here’s what you need to know about Essential, Extra and Premium

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus model has also been available for a few days. From now on, the service is divided into three levels (Essential, Extra and Premium), which bring different advantages.

These are the prices:

  • PS Plus Essential
    • 1 month : 8.99 euros
    • 3 months : 24.99 euros
    • 12 months : 59.99 euros
  • PS Plus Extra
    • 1 month : 13.99 euros
    • 3 months : 39.99 euros
    • 12 months : 99.99 euros
  • PS Plus premium
    • 1 month : 16.99 euros
    • 3 months : 49.99 euros
    • 12 months : 119.99 euros

All other information, such as the advantages of the new models, can be found in our overview of PS Plus Essential, Extra and Premium .

Which of the games are you most looking forward to?


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